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Here are 12 Simple Tips in Writing A Great Resume

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You want to land your dream job so badly that you tried writing a great resume on your own. You have the necessary skills and experiences for the job but you don’t know if you have written at least a good resume. You know you only have one shot and just five seconds to make your resume stand out from the crowd, job board system or at least in the employer’s eyes. Otherwise, your resume will just end up anywhere in a bin or worse, shred into pieces.

If you want to land your dream job, you are going to need a great resume that will help you get a job interview for your dream job. Here are twelve (12) tips to guide you on writing your own resume:

Here are 12 Simple Tips in Writing A Great Resume

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1.) Keep it in one page only.

If possible, write it on one page but if you have tons of relevant work experience, workshops, training, and skills, you can always break it up into two pages. Also, don’t forget to add a page number.

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2.) Tailor your resume.

Don’t write any unrelated work experiences, skills, and interests. Tailor your resume to the position you are currently applying for. A tailored resume shows the employer that you are the perfect candidate for the job position.

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3.) Add relevant keywords

If you are not familiar with ATS in job boards, it stands for Applicant Tracking System. It is a computerized system that tracks and narrows applications down.

Your resume has less chance of being selected, especially if you don’t have the right keywords. These keywords can be your soft skills such as communication, time management or problem-solving skills. The keywords can include your hard skills such as web design, writing or programming skills. It’s best to add these keywords throughout your resume.

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4.) Use the standard resume format

Having a unique resume design can help you stand out from the crowd but whenever you create your resume, you might go overboard in designing it to the point that only you can be able to read it.

You can always design it in any way you want especially if you are applying for any creative position but if you aren’t, you might as well prefer having more white space on your resume because it’s much more appealing. Use simple fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial or any serif or sans-serif fonts. For the font sizes, keep it between 11 to 12 point size but for the heading titles, keep it either 12 to 14 point size.

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5.) List your jobs in reverse-chronological order.

Always put your work experience before your education unless you are a recent graduate, it’s fine to list down your education first. Otherwise, you keep it at the bottom of your resume before your skills and interests part. Make sure your work experience is related to the job you are applying for.

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6.) Don’t include your street address.

While this isn’t the best tip to follow but just to avoid any source of bias about the village or town you live in or the duration of the time you commute from your house to work.

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7.) Use the right email address.

If you have an unprofessional email address such as sexynaughtyme12 [a] gmail.com, it’s time to add a new email address with your first and last name. If you have an email address such as cutiepie [a] yahoo.com, it’s really time to show you are a bit of a tech pro by upgrading to Gmail. Don’t worry, it’s completely free to create one!

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8.) Check the Grammar

It’s not just the grammar but also your punctuation such as commas and periods. As much as possible, keep reading and reviewing your resume after you have written your resume not while you are still writing it all down. You can also have it checked by freemium grammar checkers such as Grammarly or Scribens before printing your page or saving it into a pdf form.

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9.) Time to highlight your accomplishments.

Instead of writing and describing your tasks and responsibilities on each job, provide actual numbers to frame what you’ve done in a quantifiable way in a bullet point form. Make sure to use the right and powerful action verbs when you write down your achievements. This will leave your resume with a longer and stronger impression to the employers.

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10.) Skip your graduation year.

You can include it especially if you are young. However, if you want to avoid employers and recruiters unintentionally discriminate based on your age, just skip the graduation year.

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11.) Add skills that are related to the job description.

You have to review the job description and see for yourself if your skills match their job description. Also, don’t oversell your skills or worse, add skills that you really never had in the first place. That is going to set you up for failure especially if you are hired.

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12.) Add a few interests just to show that you are human too.

Adding interests section shows your personality. Employers want to hire well-rounded employees who can work well with themselves and with other people. Every hobby and interest should show who you are. Let’s say if you love traveling, you write it down because it shows you have the courage to venture out and explore new things. 


If you have followed the super helpful tips above, you can confidently pass the resume now rather than to wait and make everything perfect. If you feel you are lost, there are plenty of ways you can ask for help. You can try free resume builders or have your resume written by a professional resume writer.

If you weren’t selected, don’t stress out and never blame yourself. Learn from your failure and check your resume again. Try to see what went wrong on your resume. If you are a recent graduate, look for other similar jobs in job fairs or try networking.

All I am saying is don’t worry because life is too short for you to even worry about it. If you were selected, you are one step closer to your dream job. All you need to worry now is to pass the job interview. Just keep believing in yourself!

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