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Train Your Brain With These 9 IPhone Apps

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Have you trained your brain today? We have all been told that maintaining a good diet, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help you stay physically fit and healthy. But do you the same with your brain?

In today’s world, we are always living and suffering in constant worry. Despite having the ability to adapt to and live with it, this extreme worrying can lead to a serious negative impact on our thinking and decision-making abilities.

All this stress can also lead to major depression, mental deterioration and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Training your brain to help you relieve your stress, prevent mental disorders and lead a mentally stimulating life.

There are things you can do to keep your daily stress at bay and protect your brain from suffering through these apps. These challenging and interactive games whose purpose is to enhance your cognitive skills can make your mind sharper and may even avoid memory disorders.

Keep in mind that these apps don’t necessarily help you become smarter or happier. They are also not a better alternative if you are suffering from clinical depression or other mental disorders. They can only help you keep and handle your emotions as well as improve your productivity.

If you want to jumpstart your brain, try out these apple game apps for free.

9 iPhone Apps to Train Your Brain


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1.) Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain

This is a very fun genius game that you must try because this one will test your creativity. It has tricky questions with ridiculous answers. This one savagely teases my brain in a good way. This actually helps me relieve my anxiety last time.

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2.) Peak – Brain Training

This is a free game that can help exercise your memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills. This helps you practice your multitasking and planning abilities which is great for you if you want to improve these skills for your work or business.

With this game, you can train with your coach to track your progress. It also has daily goals and workouts customized just for you. This was designed by the Peak team together with leading scientists and universities.

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3.) Blackbox

This is known to make you feel even more frustrated. This game provides visual cues and short hints on what you will do next. I do not highly recommend this game for those who are suffering from depression and anxiety like me. Don’t get me wrong! It’s a fun game but this one makes you think outside the box. You must understand the hints to be able to solve all the puzzles. You can try but you’ve been warned.

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4.) Stupid Test

This is a fun and interactive rich game that helps tests your level of smartness or stupidity. You will only need your common sense, math, and problem-solving skills to be able to complete this timed test game.

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5.) Elevate – Brain Training

This game can help improve all your skills from writing, reading, speaking and numerical skills. With this game, you can be able to analyze your performance and track your improvement. Just like peak game, this has been developed by experts that can also help customize your training.

This one is my favorite game that I play whenever I feel my mind slowly fading into depression. I also used this game to help me pass my civil service exam test.

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6.) Memorado Brain Training Games

This game is best for those who want to have a better life by improving your focus, and memory. This can also keep your mind busy than to be swallowed by depressing thoughts. This game also provides simple exercises with soothing sounds to lower your stress and restore your mental health.

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7.) Lumosity: Daily Brain Games

This game can help recall your information by improving your memory skills. This can also help quickly process information, recognize any patterns and switch between tasks. Just like Memorado games, this can also help you gain focus and mental clarity.

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8.) Brain Games: Training Quiz

This training quiz game is basically a simple but challenging memory game that can really improve your focus and memory speed. This one somehow uses repetition to help you memorize and retain information in your long-term memory.

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9.) Happy Glass

This is a fun, entertaining and challenging game that can improve your creativity and problem-solving skills. In this game, you only need to make sure the water fills the empty glass by drawing a line.


Keeping your mental health balanced at all times is important but this does not mean you can always go to your therapist right away. You can always try out these 9 apps above and let me know which game you have tried playing this week.


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