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10 Things You Can Never Control And Just Need To Let Go

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Many of us like to hold on to control out of fear. We expect that if things don’t go on our own way, we will fail. We have this attachment of result or consequence that makes us want to run things our way.

I used to be a bit controlling around people and surroundings. I never noticed it until I was awake. I thought it was the right thing to do because sometimes, I can be a bit of a perfectionist too. I wanted things to stay in control. I wanted to make everything perfect.

When we try to control something, you are allowing it to control you.

I wanted to make everything right in my own terms but the more I hold on to control, the more I allow it control me. I realized that the more I control things, the more I feel unhappy. It’s not something that I want in my life. I wanted to feel free and happy so I had to accept that there are just some things that are hard to control.

But there are ten (10) things you can never control and you just really need to let go. Otherwise, you’ll only feel disappointed.

10 Things You Can Never Control
And Just Need To Let Go

1.) Traffic

It’s pretty much obvious. No matter how angry or irritable you may feel especially if you are stuck in a heavy flow of traffic, you cannot control traffic. You can control the shortcuts you want to pass to get to your destination but there are times where things just don’t go on your own.

Sometimes, there would be delays or roadblocks. You have to stay calm and in control of yourself. Just need to go with the flow or better yet, get up early if you have work for the day.

2.) Change

Not all things especially the good things stay the same. Things usually change and you have to embrace the change. However, most of us are scared of change. We sometimes resist changes in our lives. We are too comfortable with the same things but we know that everything can change anytime in your life.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone. By embracing the changes, you can experience new things and grab any new opportunities. Again, embrace the changes and enjoy the journey.

3.) Weather

X-Men Storm does not exist in this world. No one can control the weather. You could be wishing that today it will be sunny because you don’t want your clothes to get wet. You could be praying that it will rain tomorrow so you won’t have to water the plants. You could be wishing and praying that you can control the weather but you know you can’t.

Again, no one can control the weather. You are not Storm! This is real life. Snap out of it! You can only prepare yourself by bringing an umbrella for the rainy days or sunblock for the sunny days.

4.) Old age

All of us will eventually grow old. As we grow older, some of our precious memories will fade. Our skin will sag and bones will brittle especially if you don’t have the right nourishment in your body.

Most of us don’t want to grow and look old so they go to plastic surgeons to look healthy, young and vibrant. Although there is nothing wrong with it for those who can’t afford it, you just need to accept that we can’t control growing old.

5.) Death

No one can escape death. You can’t bribe it with money, possessions or even another life just to save your own. No one knows when Death will come. No one knows when we will die. This is not to scare you. You shouldn’t be scared. You should be scared of the days that you wasted before you die.

You always need to treasure the moments with your loved ones. Always take time to enjoy the days you are with them. Always take the time to enjoy the things you want to do in life. You have to pursue goals and dreams today.

6.) Will Of The Universe & Divine God

There are things that you want to manifest in life. This could be bringing back the person you loved that had already left you. This could be reaching your dreams and goals in life. This could be changing the past because you can’t face the things that are already happening today.

We can be able to manifest most of these things or goals in life. However, there are just some things that we can’t just manifest because it’s the universe’s or Divine God’s plan for you. You just need to meditate and pray for signs to help you learn about your purpose. Just trust that everything is for the better!

7.) Natural Disaster

This one is inevitable. You can’t control the weather as well as natural disasters. There are times when natural disasters struck without warning. This could damage your home and may cause harm to your family. Since you can’t control natural disasters, you can always keep yourself and your family safe from harm by being alert, watching out for the weather news and prepare an emergency kit.

8.) Other People

Sometimes you want to be right or you want to fix things about them. However, you can’t control other people’s opinions about you. You can’t control their emotions, actions or attitudes as well as their happiness. 

You just need to learn to accept the way they are. You just need to let go of the need to be right and control because no matter what you do, you can never control them both mind and body. Just stay positive and learn how to react when someone gives you an attitude or an opinion about you.

9.) The past

Sometimes you want to go back because there is still unfinished business that you need to take care of. It could unresolved issues from your childhood, love or anything from the past. However, you know you can never bring the past back as it has already happened.

The best thing you can do is to learn the lessons from the past, heal from it and move forward into your life. You may look at the past but don’t dwell on it. It may take time to heal but don’t just let it be. 

10.) The future

No one can predict the future but instead of moving forward, you are left stuck thinking about the future. You spend more time worrying about something that has never or might never happen in the future. This makes you feel anxious and tired. You may even lack sleep out of worry or fear for tomorrow.

Instead of worrying about the future, you need to stay in the present moment. Enjoy the good things in life today than to worry about what will happen tomorrow. Prepare things for tomorrow so you won’t have to worry. 

What I learned…

There will be times when I feel the need to control but these are things that I can control. However, I learned that the moment I let go of control was the moment I felt happy and peaceful within myself. I no longer let the things that I can’t control get to me. I no longer feel stuck and out of balance. I don’t have to worry about the consequences. I just let it and accept what will happen. 

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