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The Best Gifts For All 12 Zodiac Signs This Christmas 2019

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Want to find out the best gifts for all 12 zodiac signs this Christmas 2019? 

If you don’t have any idea on what to give for your Aquarius co-worker or Libra friend, you can always find out the best gifts that you can give based on their zodiac signs. It may not be practical to rely much on zodiac signs but it can definitely give you an idea of what you can give to them this Christmas.

The Best Gifts For All 12 Zodiac Signs

This Christmas 2019

Water Signs

The water signs are highly intuitive, deeply mysterious and ultra-sensitive. They are also sentimental which means they want gifts that can move their feelings. Their emotions run deeper into the open sea. It can be gifts that can move them into tears or laughter. Any gift that is more meaningful to both of you. 


The best gift ideas for these sensitive and romantic crabs are romance novels and cooking books. They are homebodies who love comfort so you can give them homemade soaps, comfy towels, and bathrobes. You can bring them to a concert or a picnic gathering where they can enjoy hanging out with you or their loved ones. 


The best gift ideas for these intense and passionate individuals are a mystery, paranormal, thriller or erotic novels as well as occult and magic books. They can be magnetic and seductive. They are also into sexy lingerie, branded makeup and accessories.


The best gift ideas for these gentle and kind fishes are creative and meaningful gifts such as a beautiful painting, scrapbooks, journals or scented candles. You can bring them along to any art gallery events. They are romantic beings to the core so you can book them to any romantic dinners or places they want to go.

Fire Signs

The fire signs are highly passionate, energetic and determined in pursuing their goals. They always get the things that they want and the people who they want to be with. They are warm-hearted and independent individuals who want something that can make them think and feel inspired in living their lives and chasing their dreams every single day.


The best gift ideas for these highly energetic and active individuals are sporty or stylish accessories such as bags, clothes, wallets, sweaters or sunglasses. You can invite them to any sporting event that they are interested in. They are fond of things that are alluring or attractive such as contour powders, anklet chains or other jewelry accessories. 


The best gift ideas for these proud and luxurious beings are jewelry such as ruby, sapphire or gold. You can also give them red wine, finest chocolates, glow makeup and accessories. You can also treat them to an expensive spa, pedicure, manicure or tailoring for their clothes.


The best gift ideas for these cheerful and positive sharpshooters are a yoga mat, scented candles or books that inspire them. They love to travel so you can read travel guide books, foreign souvenirs or clothes as well as camping bags and accessories. You can book them for a three to five day trip to the Philippines or any other cities that they want to visit. 

Earth Signs

The earth signs are very practical, down-to-earth but highly ambitious individuals. They are grounded and stable but they can be highly materialistic. These loyal earth signs can sometimes love to receive finer things in life or something that can be useful for them at work or at home.


The best gift ideas for these stable and grounded individuals are the finer objects or experiences they love. This could be expensive perfume, beauty products, scented candles, and silk clothes. You could also treat them with a meal at an expensive restaurant.


The best gift ideas for these perfectionists and analytical beings are into practical things that can make them productive and organized within the whole year. You can give them body lotions, facial scrub, bags, planner, calendars or other office supplies like a pen holder or calculator.


The best gift ideas for these serious and ambitious rockstars are hair spray or mousse.  They are known for high standards so you better try giving them decorations, sophisticated modern tables or planners. They love comfort so you can give them slippers or bathrobe.  

Air Signs

The air signs are extremely intelligent who loves to socialize with groups of people in any event. They are fun-loving people who love to communicate and work with people. These air signs love to receive gifts that represent love, beauty, and uniqueness. 


The best gift ideas for these fast and witty talkers are a phone, phone accessories or load. They also love to travel so you can always give them a camera as well as travel guides to help them get to where they want to go. They also love to remember their trips so you can give them journals or planners. You can give them foreign language books because they love to learn new languages.


The best gift ideas for these sophisticated and socialites are fine foods, wines, and perfumes. They also love to receive elegant jewelry or accessories. You can give them tickets for a theater or concert. Sometimes, they tend to take care of other people first before them. You can also take them to a massage therapy spa for relaxation.


The best gift ideas for these creative, innovative and independent people love to own the latest or unique gadgets. They love to receive unique gifts like painting or any artistic objects that they are interested in. They love to explore and learn different things such as space, stars or UFOs. You can give them a telescope, tarot cards or DIY books.

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These are just ideas to help you with finding the right gift to your co-worker or friend. I hope that with this post you can find the right gift for your co-worker or friend but it’s better if you ask them about their interests. You can also ask one of their friends or find out more about what they really want this Christmas.

Advanced Merry Christmas!

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