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7 Survival Tips For Living Alone As Young Independent Woman

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These safety tips for independent young women are meant to help them feel more secure in their daily life. Technically, maybe I do not live alone, but my husband works at night, so for all intents and purposes, I live only half the day. I hate being alone at night.

I find myself jumping with every tiny sound and being awakened by the wind blowing on the bridge. When I lived alone, I took a number of precautions, and even now, when I’m alone at night, I’m just about all these safety tips for women living alone.

7 Survival Tips For Living Alone


One of the least known safety tips for independent women is that you will probably have a security alarm you do not even use. If you have a key fob to unlock your car doors, keep the keys near the bed when sleeping. When you press the panic button, the alarm sounds and probably frightens any intruder. If your particular unwanted guest is particularly determined, the loud and unpleasant sound will almost certainly draw others out by annoyance. You can then ask for help.


If you have a deck or patio with a sliding glass door, this may worry you; At least it’s for me. Find a metal pole, mop, or similar item and wedge it into the door track. No matter how hard someone walks in and pulls the door, they cannot open it, and breaking the window causes a lot of unwanted noise and attention. If someone is looking for a quick and silent entrance, the still door will deter him.


One of the most obvious security tools is perhaps one of the least taken into account by devices. I learned through terrible experiences that if you move to a new apartment, you have to change the locks. You never know how many copies of the key the old tenants were able to create or when they could unexpectedly get drunk in the middle of the night thinking of living there again.

Yes, this really happened to me. The landlord must pay for this re-keying or replacement of them for you, but even if that does not happen, it is worth the minimal cost of doing it yourself. You can get a new lock on any hardware store and it is relatively easy to install it yourself. Just make sure your landlord has a spare key, if necessary, where you live, I recommend installing an additional chain lock or a sliding bolt lock if you can.

I personally lived in a building where the owner entered all our apartments without notice at any time. This happened several times while I slept. A chain lock is an extra measure to keep you safe when you’re at home.


If you live alone, do not post on your social networks. Do not post Facebook updates stating that you live alone. Even if your security settings are rigid and you find that everything is kept only between friends, systems will have problems. People may forget to leave your account and others can see your information. It sounds ridiculous, but it happened.

Do not post any information about your schedule, like “Working 10-8 today will be a long day!” Any information that lets people know where you are at any given moment will give them the opportunity to enter your home when they know you will not be there.

It may seem unfair that you have to stop connecting to Foursquare or Facebook just because you live alone, but your security and privacy are more important than your friends can locate you. If they need to know where you are, they know your number.


An excellent way to discourage intruders is to make them believe that you are not alone. Rangers tend to see single women as easy prey. You can do several things to inform them of the occupation of the apartment or house where you live. First, never put your name on your mailbox.

His first name and surname leave the genre of the resident ambiguous. If you have a front porch or walkway, put an old pair of men’s boots near your door. You can buy some for a few dollars at a local consignment store. It may sound silly, but someone looking for an easy target would think twice if he thought there might be a big, fat man in there.


Although I am not a strong proponent of weapons, I think it is important to have a way to protect yourself in case of a problem. I keep pepper spray near my bed and in my purse at all times. It may sound paranoid, but if I had to, it’s there. I had a knife, but after much thought, I really did not know how to use it. The pepper spray allows you to disable the intruder without physically interacting with him or needing to get close enough for him to touch you.


Use common sense to keep your doors locked at home. Do not invite strangers to your home. Be aware of your surroundings when you walk between your car and your front door. Have the keys in hand and ready, do not stand in front of the door.

I hope that by following these safety tips for women living alone, you have peace of mind. It is important to feel safe at home without the fear of someone hurting you or your property. How do you keep yourself safe living alone at home?

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