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How To Stay Positive Around Negative People

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Want to stay positive around negative people?

You are the kind of person who has a ‘glass half full’ kind of attitude towards life. You naturally accept the things that enter your life without accusing the world of not providing your every want and desire. Or maybe you are just a balanced person. You are neither optimistic or pessimistic. There are times you feel happy and other times, you will feel gloomy.

But what happens when you are around people who have only little things or a lot of complaints to say? What happens when you hang out with someone who sees something about you that they don’t like and they are trying to change it?

How Negative People Affect You

You might find yourself feeling anxious when you spend periods of time with them. It feels like they have sucked the energy right out of the place. You find out what you hear about your friends or co-workers spreading cruel gossip about you from other people. You find yourself feeling more negative each day that you spend time with them.

Your bubbly or balanced personality has turned you into a pessimistic and worrisome type that could or is already starting to slowly destroy other aspects in your life, be it your career, relationships, family and much more. You feel like your colorful world had just turned gray that people who once knew you had started to pull away from you or it’s the other way around. You pushed them away or you pull yourself away from them.

If you feel like someone is trying to drag you down or get sucked into their negative energy, you know you are surrounded by negative people.

Negative people can’t easily change. They are never open to new experiences in life. They always tend to think the worst in most possible situations. They never put the needs of others first before their own. They are never willing to change even if they never feel happy with their situation.

Will you just stand still and let them drag you down in their energy too? If you don’t want to and I’m sure you don’t want to, here are 6 ways to help you keep yourself positive around negative people.

How To Stay Positive Around Negative People

1.) Be compassionate.

Be the first one willing to cheer them up when they are feeling down. You must also be willing to listen and understand their situation. Once you will get to know them more on a personal level, you can provide them feedback and empathize with their situation.

You still need to be kind towards them even if their negative aura gives you the chills. Try practicing doing something even if its small each and every day to them to make them feel a bit better. They soon will see your compassion and may even see small positive changes in their life.

2.) Forgive them.

Most of the times, negative people step on everyone around or maybe even you, especially if it will help boost their personal gain. They sometimes hope to see you fail in a very obvious way.

They might hurt you. They spread gossip about you. They might pull you down. They did wrongful things to you but still, you must forgive them for everything they have done that has been difficult for you. If they continuously do that, forgive them again and again.

The point here is… you must forgive them so you won’t be like them. I know it’s hard but trust me, it’s better to forgive them than to be just like them. You don’t ever want to stoop down to their level. You don’t ever want to be negative just like them because that’s what they do. They want you to become like them. Just forgive and move forward to your life.

3.) Practice gratitude.

We live in the modern world where everything is fast, better, bigger and bolder than we sometimes forget to be grateful for the little things in life. Negative people see things differently. They complain about the weather being too hot or too cloudy. They complain about the food that they eat.

It may make you feel down when you hear them complain but you still need to express gratitude on the little moments such as seeing a great sunset, smelling the fresh coffee or receiving a text message from an old acquaintance. 

4.) in one ear and out the other.

Negative people not only complain but they also blame other people for their own mistakes and failures even if it’s really their own fault. They never have any concern about hurting other people’s feelings. As they say, the less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.

If they have criticized you or if their negative talk is being directed towards you, don’t ever take it personally. They are simply venting their emotions in you. It might be difficult but if it’s going too far, it’s time to speak up in a calm and professional way.

5.) Radiate your positive vibes.

Create an uplifting connection with them. Try cheering them up such as complimenting about their achieved success, goals and tasks or supporting them when they feel like they are in trouble. You can also give them a genuine smile.

According to Adrienne Wood, a Ph.D. student in psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Your own emotional reaction to the face changes your perception of how you see the face, in such a way that provides you more information about what it means.”

It only means that if they see you smile at them, they would mimic the expression and may even influence them. It just simply means that smiling is really contagious.

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6.) Create your own personal positive bubble.

If you have tried to create an uplifting connection with them but failed, you can always set boundaries and create personal space for your own positivity and happiness.

You can visualize a positive bubble that surrounds your body or your personal space just to keep any negative vibrations from bursting your bubble. However, don’t forget to step out of the bubble and interact with other people too.


These are 6 ways you can do to keep yourself positive around negative people. Remember that you can always choose to stay away from these negative people. It’s your choice. You can choose to quit your job or distance away from them at work once in a while.

However, no matter where you go or no matter which job you take, there will always be someone who thinks and feels negatively in themselves, in their situations and their surroundings. You don’t need to befriend negative people but just understand and if possible, be there when they need to, even if they never ask you to. Negative people sometimes need a friend or at least a helping hand.

Life is easier when you delete the negative people from it but what if these negative people are your family members, you can’t delete or stay away from them forever. You may lessen your contact with your family members but you can’t choose to quit from your family.

If the relationship with some of your family members is quite negative then you must remember and follow one or all of the six ways to help you stay positive when you are around them.

You must also make sure you balance other aspects in your life such as your career or business because you don’t ever want to have all of it to be negative. Otherwise, you’d end up just like them. Remember to never allow the negative people to turn you into them and never allow yourself to be just like them.

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