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Want To Renew Your Relationship? Try This One Little Thing…

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Want to renew your relationship with your loved one? If you are currently thinking of wanting to get back together but you don’t know how you want to do it. This post can help you learn how you can renew your relationship with them.

No matter what you really do, especially if you are in love, life will always screw you over. There will always be a time when you feel like worrying and feeling anxious about money. You feel dissatisfied with your job or career. You feel unfairly treated by your co-workers or boss at work. 

But it’s not just you that has these bad situations, both you and your partner are constantly under pressure. You are being too busy not spending time with each other. You and your partner are not communicating well. There is not enough time for intimacy, money, and support for each other.

You both take away your time with each other. You both take away your support with each other. If you both take away more than what you both have with each other determines how long your relationship can keep running at a shortfall – and a day comes when both of you face a huge choice whether you want to make up or break up.

This is when you will also feel like you want to blame them or feel entitled to their attention. You demand their forgiveness. You refuse to forgive because you think you deserve better than this relationship you have with them. You feel like you don’t need to explain what you really want with them.

You might want to take some time off to explore about yourself or you might be thinking that you want to jump off to another relationship. You can deal with it right now because it is still going to catch up on you no matter where you go. 

Might as well save that ticket to another country for a happy experience rather than as a heartbreak getaway where you will either stay at a hotel or get drunk in a bar with your friends. Neither one of you should be the first to initiate the move to renew the relationship. You both need to sit down, be open and talk it out with each other. If you can’t, you can always ask for help from a relationship guru or a therapist

Why not accept the loss?

If you ever find your relationship on the rocks, you can just accept the loss and renew your commitment. However, just accepting the loss is never enough. You must make sure that when you renew your relationship with them. You must keep your relationship steady so the next time, you will encounter this you won’t be falling for the same trap.

Here’s how…

There is one easy thing you can do to renew your relationship. Anyone can do this but not everyone has the time to do it – and that is appreciation. When was the last time both of you appreciate each other?

When one of you appreciates the other, do you pull back or smile back? Because nowadays, we somehow train ourselves to deny and divert appreciation from another such as saying things like…

No problem.”
No worries.
It’s not a big deal.”
It’s really nothing.”

These common responses are now considered as thanks. Besides words, you or your partner sometimes belittle the little things of someone that is trying to appreciate you with your actions such as showing sarcasm like an immature adult, rolling of your eyes as if you are looking for your brain and showing disgust to the other person.

If you realize that you might have done these things to your partner, that’s one big step to help you renew your relationship because you are now aware of your words and actions. This is the time that you start to learn how to receive the appreciation and then give more to your partner. 

Here are a few ways for you to show appreciation to your partner:

1.) Cook their favorite meal.

As they say, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Making his favorite meal shows that you are still thinking about him. He will feel special and will definitely adore you. For most men who can’t cook, you can either try cooking or cook a meal together with her. If you think there is really no hope for you then you can do the dishes after eating together. If you do know, try bringing her breakfast in bed.

2.) Take them to lunch or dinner.

You can always plan a date night or take them to a restaurant at lunchtime. You can either have it planned or surprise them. If they are too busy with the household or work, you can always make a special delivery or give them a sandwich or chicken salad.

3.) Acknowledge the little things.

For men, just simply take out the trash or better yet, remove and take one task from her. This could either be cleaning the house or room for starters. For women, if your partner takes out the trash, picks up your plate or fills up your tank, acknowledge their effort. This is how he shows that they are thinking of you too. Most men show acts of love rather than telling their emotions with words.

4.) Touch them.

A simple hug or holding hands can do you no harm as well as massaging their necks to show them that you care for them too. I am sure they will never let go of you and will cherish you. You can shower them with love by rubbing each other’s feet or massage their back.

5.) Do the little things.

You can show your love and appreciation by giving them gifts such as giving out a simple card, shower them with flowers or place little notes on their desk. This can help strengthen your bond with each other. Watch television with each other while rubbing or scratching his head. 

6.) Support

Assure them that you are there for them. You must show them that you can be their shoulder to cry on when in need. You must also show that you can trust them by giving their own space. When they have problems, share your wisdom with them. Always talk to them and remind them why you love them. 


Never expect too much from your partner. They aren’t perfect and if you think that they lack something, tell them straight away. Don’t show the passive-aggressive act because neither of you can predict each other.

While showing appreciation is more about giving, you must also learn how to receive their appreciation. One way to help you receive their appreciation is to be aware of your partner’s actions even those little things and then let their words sink into you. Pull off your defenses and start embracing their appreciation. 

Become positive and return their appreciation with kind words or just a simple thank you. Believe me, it’s really worth it. Try renewing your relationship first before anything else you will want to decide for your future. Think about why you were in a relationship with them in the first place. If you want to renew your relationship today, please share this with your partner and have them read this article.

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