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5 Simple Life Hacks To Reduce Your Anxiety

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Do you find it difficult to reduce your anxiety at that moment? If you do, then you are not alone. In fact, according to ADAA, 40 millions of people suffer from an anxiety disorder in the US. I also suffer from anxiety too. I find it difficult to breathe especially when it rains heavily.

I hate the rain. It reminds me of my most painful memories of my life like the time when I have almost swept away in a flood just 8 days before the eve of Christmas. It also reminded me of when I was left in the rain-soaked and confused by someone dear to me.

Almost everyone hates the rain but I not only hate it when it rains heavily, but it also terrifies me. Whenever it rains heavily, I feel panic attacks coming on. I have anxiety whenever it rains and when I am in public.

This causes me to withdraw from social media and sadly, my family too. Fortunately, I never drink alcohol and take any substance in my body. However, I gained a few pounds but I am starting to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are feeling agitated, restless and worried at that moment, here are 4 simple tricks that will help stop any unpleasant anxiety situations in its tracks.

5 Simple Life Hacks To Reduce Your Anxiety


1.) Running Late

Are you running late for work or class? Catching trains or buses might be worse but you know how frustrating that can be if you miss it or if you are already inside but it’s being held at a red light. Running late often causes stress and anxiety.

You have these negative thoughts surfacing on your mind. This makes you feel extremely worried and anxious. Your heart beats fast and palms are sweating. I do understand how it feels like because I suffer anxiety attacks whenever I’m in public or going to sleep.

Being late particularly for work has always made me feel like I’m holding up other people’s lives. When I mean other people, it means my boss and co-workers. I always feel guilty because it feels like I have interrupted their plans. I blame myself for slowing them down and delays their tasks because I can’t work faster because of my depression.

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Try This: If you are stuck in the bus stopped at a red light or still waiting for the next bus, you can always drown out any negative messages or thoughts on your head by listening to your favorite songs. If ever your boss gets mad at you, just imagine his or her words slowly floating and letting go in one ear and out the other.


2.) Awake At Night

Can’t sleep at night? Me too. You are always looking at your clock and hoping you will drift off to sleep any moment. Two hours later, you are still awake and worse is… you have these negative thoughts that you can not manage especially if you suffer from depression or anxiety.

I recently experience anxiety whenever I go to sleep these past few months. There are random thoughts that keep going on your head so fast that you feel extremely worried. A couple of seconds later, you will then start crying on your bed.

Try This: Get out from bed and meditate. Accept that you just can’t sleep. You can also try sleeping with this memory pillow then spray it using the aromatherapy mist. You can also read any book that helps you sleep and drink some herbal tea.


3.) Job Interview Anxiety

Got a job interview today or this week? Feeling nervous or anxious is actually good for a job interview because it motivates you. This can boost your energy levels and keeps you alert.

As a former job interview coach, I perfectly understand that you felt dreadful of finding a job and now you feel even more terrified because you have to win the job interview. Again, let me remind you that it is perfectly fine to feel anxious whenever you go to a job interview.

Here is one job interview tip I can give you if you experience anxiety during a job interview. If you happen to stumble some words, just slow down and breathe.

Try this: Take a few deep breaths and calm yourself down. If you experience anxiety, use it to prepare yourself for the interview. You must know all about the company – mission, vision, and the people.  


4.) Financial Stress

Trying to pay an expensive debt? Got huge expenses? Dealing with these financial problems can affect your overall mood and health. It is important to control or at least learn how to deal with your financial issues. If you can be able to deal with your finances, you will definitely enjoy your life.

If you feel stressed out because you are unable to pay your mortgage, unemployed, pay your huge debt or wanting a nicer lifestyle, there is a higher chance that you may have started doing these unhealthy coping behaviors such as drinking, smoking or overeating.

If this happens, it’s best if you learn to live on less to handle your current financial situation so you can reduce your stress and anxiety. You can also ask for help from your loved ones to help with your financial issues. 

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Try this: Instead of worrying and complaining about how life is unfair to you, list down at least three of your biggest financial reasons that make you feel stressed. After that, write down the realistic financial goals you need to achieve so you won’t get burned out.


5.) Marital Problems

Have a marriage in trouble? Well, not every marriage is perfect. There are still common arguments and disagreements between spouses which causes conflict and may lead to a divorce. We all know that divorces can lead to stress and anxiety.

I never had any serious or long-term relationships. I have never been married because unlike most women, I am frightened by that idea but we know how this goes. We’ve seen these in the movies how couples fight and shout at each other in front of their kids. They no longer enjoy their time and may withdraw from one another.

Try this: Don’t give up! Don’t just listen to each other’s problems, just go hand in hand and fix it one step at a time. Or better yet, hire a marriage therapist for counseling to help fix your marriage. 

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These are simple tricks on how to deal with a few “moments” that triggers your anxiety. If you think you experience anxiety at any moment, you must identify the type of disorder and accept that you are anxious.

With a better understanding of the type of anxiety you have, you can be able to get support through therapies, self-help, self-management or at least a group support.

But to be able to have a better understanding of your anxiety, you must be able to accept that you have anxiety. Most people drown themselves through drinking alcohol or escape reality by injecting harmful substances into their body because they are too afraid to reach out with anyone, especially a loved one.

If you continue this path, it will only get worse. Check this online therapy toolbox!

You must accept help from other people. Let them help you in reducing your anxiety. Don’t be afraid to reach out with a therapist or a loved one about your anxiety or depression. Do you also find it difficult to overcome your anxiety? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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