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Here Are 50 Daily Positive Affirmations You Can Practice Now

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It’s true they say that positive affirmations can change your life today.  

Do you know that your life is affected by your thoughts? Almost every part of your life from your health to finances to businesses are affected by your own thoughts. Your own thoughts can be a powerful “tool” to either help you in all the aspects of your life or it could destroy your day and may even throughout your lifetime. 

Affirmations can change your life.

According to my favorite blog called MindValley, everything you think and say is taken and processed on your brain. It then proceeds to you to take action so your thought becomes a reality.

Let’s just say that when you think that your day is going to be gloomy, it will be gloomy for the rest of the day. When you think that your day will be happy and sunny, then your day will be positive throughout the day.

The good thing is you are in control of your own thoughts. You can do this through deep meditation or the easiest way would be affirmations. The affirmations can neither be positive nor negative depending on which one you want to choose to say to yourself every single day.

Of course, no one would choose negative affirmations. That is why we created these 50 daily positive affirmations that you can start practicing today. You don’t need to choose all of these affirmations. You can choose at least two of each important category that we believe can help you get started the right way.

Here Are 50 Daily Positive Affirmations You Can Practice Now

For Love

These affirmations can help you become filled with love, respect, and positivity in your life. If you feel like you are not loved or respected, try some of these affirmations every single day.

1.) I am surrounded by love.
2.) I am blessed with beauty and positivity.
3.) I am beautiful and everyone around me loves me for it
4.) I am treated with love, respect, and compassion.
5.) I learn things quickly with ease.
6.) I am filled with positive and physical energy.
7.) I am grateful for everything that I am.
8.) I love myself deeply.

For Any Negative Feelings

These affirmations can help you overcome your worries, forgiveness, and doubt in your life. If you feel like you are surrounded by negativity, free yourself from it by using these affirmations every day. 

9.) I am free from worry.
I will overcome my doubts.
11.) I forgive myself and set myself free from past hurts.
12.) I love myself just the way I am today.
13.) I now accept and learn from my mistakes.
14.) I am entertaining only positive thoughts in my mind.
15.) I fully let go of my worries and doubts.
16.) I am happy and content with life.
17.) I am confident in my future.

For Your Health

If you suffer from depression, anxiety or you simply want to become healthy, these affirmations are great for both your mental and emotional health.

18.) I am happy and healthy.
I am perfectly healthy.
20.) I believe that I will lose more pounds.
21.) I am calm and my anxiety is fading away.
22.) I am happy and fulfilled.
23.) I am healthy and complete.
24.) My home is filled with harmony and happiness.
25.) I am cool, calm and confident.

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For Encouragement

If you feel like you want to give up or feel like losing confidence in yourself, these affirmations can help you get back up and build up your self-esteem again.

26.) I can do this!
I am proud of myself – skills and achievements.
28.) I am enough.
29.) I accept only the best.
30.) I am the best!
31.) I am who I want to be.
32.) I am not designed to give up!
33.) I know my worth.
34.) I am always doing my very best and it is always more than enough.

With Others

If you want to have certain people in your life from personal to professional, these affirmations can help you attract and gain new friends in your life.

35.) I attract positive people in my life.
I inspire others to do their best.
37.) I surround myself with positive people.
38.) I am surrounded by people who encourage and support me in any way.
39.) I am treated with love and respect from my peers.
40.) I inspire others to be happy and healthy.

For Money/Work/Business

These affirmations can help you with attracting more on what you can have – be it money, clients, job or sales for your professional or business life.

41.) I easily attract money.
I accept more money in my life.
43.) Money flows into me easily and effortlessly.
44.) I easily attract more clients.
45.) I am closer to the career of my dreams.
46.) I am confident to pass my interview.
47.) I work in a happy, peaceful and healthy work environment.
48.) I am motivated by the task given to me today.
49.) Every single day, I am moving closer to my dream job.
50.) I have enough knowledge and expertise to make smart business decisions today.

Final Point

These are just a few positive affirmations that you can practice today. These affirmations are not just mantras that you just say to yourself especially in front of a mirror. These affirmations are considered as a message to yourself that you can create the life you want it to be.

These are meant to be messages that remind you that you are powerful enough to choose the things you want to have. These affirmations should develop a new set of beliefs and most of the times, it also helps you change your bad habits into good ones.

Affirmations are so powerful – and that is why you need to learn how to think and talk. It may take a long time for other people to work but when you are consistent in having positive thoughts, the affirmations will work. We hope that you find this list very helpful. If you have any affirmations that you would like to share with us and to other women, you can always leave a comment below. 

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