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10 Signs You Are A Mentally Weak Person

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Are you a mentally weak person?

Have you ever wondered how one can be a good leader? Good athlete? good businessman? good parents? Have you ever wondered what makes them good in their roles in life?

I have a friend named Joshua who thinks about how these people get to be great in their field. He is a bright and well-disciplined person. He is the breadwinner of the family. He is a Summa Cum Laude in one of the most prestigious schools in the country. He speaks more than 5 languages and plays at least 3 musical instruments.

He is currently working on one of the biggest banks in the country as a Loans Manager for three years. He manages a small team in the department. He is successful in his field, yet he still feels like he is left behind whenever he attends in a management meeting with all of the managers from different branches.

He admires them for the way they manage their team. He wanted to become a branch manager in the bank but he still feels like he is on a different level from them. The way they communicate and the way they acted was different. He was always wondering how he can be a good manager.

If you think it’s because of their talent or intelligence. Maybe but it is more than that. It’s called mental strength or toughness. Mental strength also called mental toughness is the power to resist, manage and overcome your doubts and worries that prevents you from achieving certain goals in your life.

According to Psychology Today, no one is either mentally weak or strong. Instead, each one of us has a different degree of mental toughness and all of us have the ability to become stronger.

While people with stronger mental strength can be able to find ways to achieve results and stay on track of things at the right time. There are other people who are so easy to let other people shape the way they view themselves, their lives and things around them.

Are you one of them?

Here are 10 signs you are a mentally weak person. Also, stick to the end of this video so you can learn how you can become mentally strong.

10 Signs You Are A Mentally Weak Person

1.) You are a people pleaser.

You do things just for the sake of making other people happy. You just want everyone to like you. This is because you are afraid that people would reject you. You don’t want them to feel disappointed in you. You don’t want to criticize you. You also just want to fit in with the crowd. You also feel guilty when you refuse them an offer or help.

2.) You love recognition.

You want to feel and be awesome. You desperately need other people’s recognition. This is a clear sign of emotional immaturity. Everyone wants to feel good but you need people to confirm how great you are. You might also crave for attention from other people.

3.) You easily give up.

When life becomes tougher or when things aren’t going your own way, you throw in the towel. You easily give up when you fail. This is because you focus too much on the outcome than the lesson you have learned from the experience. You also don’t believe in yourself that you tend to abandon your goals and dreams.

4.) You dwell on the past.

Whether you have experienced hurtful memories such as breakups, tragic death or bad luck. You are stuck in living in the past that you forget to live in the present. This is because living in the past, repeating the same storyline because the past feels safe, the past is predictable and the past is quite comfortable than in the present.

5.) You hate change.

Well, you are reluctant to change and what it may bring. You are afraid to feel open to any risks or opportunities. There are many reasons why you hate change but the most common reason would be fear. You are afraid that you will fail, especially when you try something new. You are also afraid of stepping out of your comfort zones, especially when you are not used to the situation or the environment.

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6.) You like to control.

You can’t accept that things can not be changed. You expect everything to be on your control. This is because you need that sense of control to be able to finish their tasks and predict what will happen next. However, no one can fully predict the future. Do you really need to feel in control?

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7.) You aren’t grateful.

You feel discontent about what you currently have. You focus only on the things you could have. This is because you expect people to pick up after you. You expect people to always help you with certain things. You always need something from other people.

8.) You never want to be alone.

You are always in need of company. You can’t relish in your own company. You don’t care if people who you hang out with don’t care about your needs.

This is because you can’t stand being alone. You feel overwhelmed by it. You don’t want to feel lonely. However, loneliness is part of our existence as human beings. If you feel the discomfort of solitude, it may have something to do with your past experience or memory. You may need to reflect on your past.

9.) You envy other people’s success.

You don’t celebrate the achievements of other people. You secretly hope that they fail in their tasks or in life. It usually stems from inferiority feelings and envy. You feel insecure when you see someone else doing better than you. You might have remembered that you are no good or you can’t do what he can do.

10.) You are impatient.

You demand immediate results when it takes patience for you to reap its rewards. You aren’t willing to wait for the results. You also don’t take time to think about why you what you do. You just allow yourself to do anything that you know it enjoys you.

How do you really become mentally strong?

Each one of us has a different degree of mental toughness. No one is either mentally strong or weak. All of us have the ability to become stronger. Becoming mentally strong is a process that can be learned by anyone and it can found on you. However, it is not an overnight process. It takes a lot of practice and training in order to achieve mental strength.

You must learn how to face your fears. You must start practicing doing the things you are afraid to do. You must also believe in your ability to overcome all the obstacles and challenges that are coming your way. You also need to accept your failures, grow and learn from the lessons. Keep moving forward!

Are you a mentally weak person? If not, find out if you are a mentally strong person. Become the best physical, emotional, spiritual and mental version of yourself by subscribing to my youtube channel today.

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