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How To Keep Yourself From Overthinking

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Are you guilty of overthinking? Do you want to keep yourself from overthinking and start living on the now?

There are at least more than 50,000 thoughts in your mind per day. If only we could sell these and make money but actually you can sell an idea & earn money.

Anyway, imagine how much energy and time you could have saved if you either lessen the number of thoughts. Imagine yourself having to focus your mind on several important things if you won’t entertain these thoughts. Think about how you would have this feeling of happiness, peace, and calmness. 

What happens when you overthink?

You constantly thinking or even imagining the worst in every situation the whole day every single day of your life.
You are constantly thinking about criticism, questions, actions & decisions, it can sometimes lead to mental exhaustion and burnout…
You feel overwhelmed by too many available options or choices…
You feel like overcomplicate the decisions you need to make when a certain problem or dilemma is simple to solve. 

I always overthink!

There are times when I spent a lot of time worrying about my future that I had to rethink my past out of fear that it might repeat in the future. When I was starting my online business, I spent a lot of my time thinking and asking myself these what-ifs questions about my future ahead in my business.

The more I thought about my past & future ahead, the more I feel anxious & afraid. Most of the times, it left me in a state of analysis paralysis. It made me feel afraid of making a choice or action because it might be wrong.

It also made me feel like I need to pick the perfect choice that I need to help me achieve my goals. It just made me feel like I need to choose the right actions to take for me to fully start & grow my businesses.

If you are the type of person to overthink, you might likely consider every opinion from other people very seriously. You might have thought come across your mind and you somehow obsessively think about the thought over & over until the thought branches out into different thoughts.

It all comes down to either fear and worry. You could be dwelling on your past or thinking about the outcome of the future ahead. You may be regretting things from the past or trying to control your future by thinking about the past. It all really comes down to either fear and worry.


You may think that you can’t stop yourself from overthinking but there are 9 different ways to help keep yourself from constantly thinking about thoughts every single day of your life.

1.) Shifting focus.

When you get caught up from thinking over things, shift your focus on doing something else. This may be difficult at first but you must be attentive to yourself and your mind. Allow the thoughts to come through because even if you try to block these thoughts, it will still come through.

2.) Achieve inner peace.

You must learn how to feel at peace with yourself whenever you feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed through meditation and positive affirmations. Too much worrying about the past and future can lead you to overthink. Don’t allow to run these negative thoughts and worries bother you.

3.) Exercise.

You can do anything from working out to running to walking around the park. You just need to tire your body to keep you from thinking too much. Not only that you can avoid certain times in overthinking but you also keep both your mind and body healthy.

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4.) Write a journal.

Overthinking can lead you into anxiety. Write every thought you have in your journal as this can help relieve your anxiety. It can also help you with taking the right actions by choosing the right decisions. 

5.) Release control.

Sometimes you think about the past by planning out the future to make sure you control things your own way. However, the more you plan out for the future will only make you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

6.) Let go of perfection.

You always want to make sure that everything is carefully planned in a perfect way because you want to avoid mistakes and failures. You can’t control everything. This won’t allow you to grow, learn and become higher than ever before. Just relax and take it slow.

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7.) Get a Timer.

Besides keeping yourself busy through working out but if you are not into doing physical activities or even household chores then you can always place a boundary with yourself by setting at least 10 minutes every time you are thinking, worrying, analyzing & daydreaming.

8.) De-Clutter.

You can choose the right decisions, steps, ways or choices by simply eliminating the bad or unfit choices & decisions. You must make sure you set the right objective and choose at least 3-4 decisions or actions you want to take that can help you achieve your objective.

9.) Ask for a reliable opinion.

If you failed to take action or decisions to yourself because of all the thoughts that are clouding your mind, you can always ask someone who can give you a professional or trusted opinion. You can consult someone with a clear and honest insight into what you are asking about. 

Whatever Happened To My Businesses

However, thinking way too much about almost everything made me feel stressed & overwhelmed that I had to give up in starting my business. I then decided to ignore these fears to finally start and grow my businesses.  There are times that I made the wrong choices but I was able to learn and grow from these mistakes. It had made me feel strong and wise because I can now be able to decide on your own and avoid these mistakes.

Overthinking is not trait or skill but it’s a habit that you formed over time most likely because of fear of failure. You are afraid to fail. You are afraid that every plan will just be crumbling down and you might not be able to achieve your goals. 

I know how it’s hard to stop worrying about the future but you just have to live and be present in the moment. Overthinking can only lead you to actions or decisions that may most likely fail you even more or may hinder you from achieving your goals.

You may not be able to get rid of easily but being persistent in following the simple tips above so you won’t get yourself to getting back with the same situation over and over. 

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