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Want To Improve Yourself? Follow These 30 Simple Tips

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Are you willing to improve yourself? We all know we want to improve ourselves but are we even willing to do what it takes to improve ourselves? Of course, we are willing but when we try out new things in life to help us become a better person, we end up procrastinating and go back to our old habits.

When it comes to self-improvement, you are not only spending a day or a month but your entire life learning how you can improve yourself. Besides learning, you also need to practice and test things that you needed to do to help you improve yourself to become a better person while living a fulfilling life.

It is easy to learn but it’s quite difficult to practice because you also need to focus and act on at least the little things you must do to help advance your career, build your confidence, enhance your communication skills and much more.

Improving oneself takes time, practice and focus. If you have a hard time starting how you can improve yourself, you can follow these 30 simple self-improvement tips today.

Want to Improve Yourself? Follow These 30 Simple Tips

Tip 1: Goal setting.

Write down your personal and professional goals in life so you can get a bigger picture of what you want to achieve in life. You can also use SMART to help create measurable and attainable goals. 

Tip 2: Write a journal.

According to psych central, writing a journal can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings every time your mind is filled with random or messy thoughts. It can also help you relieve your stress because you will be writing all your feelings in your journal.

Tip 3: Practice small talk.

Many find it difficult to do this especially when you initiate small conversation or even a compliment to a stranger. Almost everyone is mostly willing to talk, especially about their day. It’s always important to try a new connection even if they don’t refuse to respond, at least you tried than never did anything.

Tip 4: Build your self-confidence.

You can’t do the things you want to do in life without self-confidence. There are ways to help you build self-confidence is either practice affirmations or by taking care of your appearance.

Tip 5: Let go of negative things.

If you have a hurtful past, step and move forward in your life. Never let these things hold you back. You can do so much more than you what you think about yourself.

Tip 6: Save Money.

It can be quite difficult to save money with all the expensive things and huge expenses we have to deal with. However, you can always make small changes can make all the difference in your bank account.

Tip 7: Practice affirmations.

Positive affirmations can help you from building confidence in improving your health and relationships to making money or building businesses online or at your local city.

Tip 8: Renew your relationship.

Most people find divorce and breakups are the solutions to their love relationship problems. Whatever happened to reconciliation or understanding with each other? Before you make decisions, think about the good times you had with your partner and at least try to renew your relationship.

Tip 9: Ask yourself.

It’s time to ask deeper questions to yourself so you can be able to get to know yourself – skills, knowledge, relationships, love and much more. You can analyze yourself with these 99 inspiring questions we have for you.

Tip 10: Adopt healthy habits.

Build and practice adopting a healthy lifestyle with these 50 simple to follow habits to help you become a better you.

Tip 11: Revamp your resume.

You may be the perfect candidate but if you don’t have a great resume that attracts the right employers, you still won’t get a job.

Tip 12: Manage your finances.

Most of the times, you must make sure to secure your finances for your future such as paying debt monthly or save more money.

Tip 13: Fix post-workout.

Instead of losing a few pounds, you gained because you ate more than you should after working out. Your body may need food for recovery but you must choose the right foods to eat.

Tip 14: Cleanse face.

Maintaining your skin is as important as brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. It not only helps to remove any dirt from your face but also maintains clear skin. 

Tip 15: Reduce your anxiety.

It takes more than a deep breath to calm yourself down. There are ways for you to reduce your anxiety such as meditating, talking and loving yourself in a positive way.

Tip 16: Cook meals.

Cooking meals at home can help you monitor exactly what goes into your food. You can cook using a slow cooker with just 5 main ingredients.

Tip 17: Decorate.

Put some color, designs, and furniture in your small living space. Have fun while designing your first or own apartment with your own style and personality.


Tip 18: Take self-defense.

Or at least be prepared to protect yourself from any dangers especially if you live alone in your apartment or house.

Tip 19: Have a DIY spa at home.

If you have muscle soreness or feeling stressed out, do a simple DIY at home while it’s raining outside.

Tip 20: Declutter.

You can declutter your home or each room one step at a time. Clutter almost always disrupts your flow of productivity and creates chaos in your mind. Try decluttering your closet first.

Tip 21: Hair care.

Having healthy hair enhances your personality so is your appearance which is why it is important to have proper hair care. Try out this simple scalp detox tips at least once or twice a week.

Tip 22: Get out of your comfort zone.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. It’s time to break away the fear and try out the things that make you feel very happy in your life.

Tip 23: Learn a new language.

Or learn new skills such as playing the piano, baking or icing cakes. Always be curious about the world and learn new skills that you may find enjoyable.

Tip 24: Be happy.

Happiness is important in life. You don’t necessarily need big things to make you happy. Enjoy the little things that come in your way no matter how busy you are in life.

Tip 25: Do a self-care.

Take better care of yourself with simple self-care tips especially when you feel overwhelmed and busy in your personal and professional life.

Tip 26: Forgive yourself.

Forgiving yourself can help you let go of unfulfilled expectations. If you have done something bad to others and you deeply regret what you did, it’s time to let go and start being kind to yourself.

Tip 27: Sleep better.

According to Healthline, poor sleep can make you fat, loses your focus and concentration. Sleeping better can prevent you from heart disease and stroke. 

Tip 28: Exercise / Workouts.

Create a 10 to 20-minute workout plan on your own even if you don’t have gym equipment. Do short but higher intensity workouts to burn more calories.

Tip 29: Take social media detox.

Getting away from social media for at least an hour or two a day can help improve your mood and prevent you from depression.

Tip 30: Meditate.

Take at least 5 to 10 minutes a day of meditation because it can help you control your mind and thoughts. It can alleviate stress and eliminate negativity or worries in your life. 


It takes years of learning how to improve yourself. Besides that, you also need to practice and focus on the things that help you become a better you until it becomes a habit. Lastly, you will also need to keep on training yourself with some or all of these tips above to become the best version of yourself.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself as you go on your journey to improve yourself!

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