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Want To Know How To Be Happy? Do These 30 Things!

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Do you know how to be happy? We all know we want more in life. Most of us want more money, houses, cars, lots, promotions and much more. We try to push ourselves to the next level to attain all of this stuff to make us happy.

But do you really know what makes you happy? Trying to achieve all of this stuff can be outright draining. Sometimes it’s the little things that can help you smile and happy in a genuine way. Here are 30 little things to help you with how to become happy.

Want To Know How To Be Happy?
Do These 30 Things!

1.) Do a 15-minute exercise.

Exercise can help you boost your energy and mood. It can also help manage your weight loss and control your stress. Listen to your favorite song.

2.) Listen to your favorite song.

Or create a playlist specifically for relaxation. You can also listen to inspirational songs that can keep you motivated for life.

3.) Take a 20-minute power nap.

According to WebMD, taking power naps can help boost your memory, enhance creativity and brainpower. 

4.) Bake cookies from scratch.

It’s best to bake homemade cookies than buying one in a bakery. It’s considered special especially when you share it with your loved ones and friends.

5.) Cook food at home.

Cooking meals at home can help you manage with what you are eating and monitor exactly what goes into your food and stomach. If you have the time, you can always try out cooking on a slow cooker. You can cook using a slow cooker with just 5 main ingredients.

6.) Watch one funny TV episode.

Watching comedy movies or TV episode can help you relieve stress and manage your pain especially if you just had a heartbreak.

7.) Meditate for at least 5-10 minutes a day.

Meditation can help you reduce and manage stress. It can also help you recognize and understand your emotions.

8.) Practice gratitude.

According to LiveScience, gratitude can help improve your life through happiness. Practicing gratitude regularly can boost your immune system and increases positive emotions.

9.) Say affirmations.

Your life is created by your thoughts. If you have negative thoughts, you will mostly experience negative experiences throughout the day. If you have positive thoughts, you will also experience happy and positive moments.

10.) Write a journal.

Keeping and writing a journal can help you express your complex ideas. It can also help you build better healthy lifestyle habits. 

11.) Take a self-care day.

Practicing self-care every day only means you are allowing yourself to experience and do good things on your mind, body, and soul. This includes meditation, reading a book, praying or getting a DIY spa at home.

12.) DeClutter your home.

Or clean out your closet. Clutter disrupts your productivity and creates chaos in your mind and life. Stay clean, organized and throw out unnecessary things.

13.) Sit in a cafe.

Smell and sip your fave coffee and frappe in slow motion. Sit anywhere near a window and enjoy watching people outside as you enjoy yourself drinking or reading your fave novel or book.

14.) Go to the cinema.

You can always go to the cinema alone or with a group. At a theater, you can block out all the distractions coming from inside and outside. By watching movies in a cinema, you can always escape reality for at least two hours.

15.) Do yoga.

Yoga, not only relaxes you but can help you lose weight. It can reduce stress and improve balance.

16.) List down all your achievements.

As well as your skills and strengths. This helps you boost your confidence. When you feel down, it makes you realize that you are worth living in this world. It can also help you fix your resume. 

17.) Clean your face.

Cleaning and washing your face regularly can help you maintain clear skin by removing any buildup such as dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris on your face.

18.) Practice the law of attraction

Why not? There is nothing wrong with believing and trying the law of attraction. You’ll just need to create a positive mindset, focus on the things you want and just let go without worrying about it.

19.) Learn a new skill.

You can learn a new language, bake a cake or write a simple poem to the person you love.

20.) Read a book.

Reading a book can help boost your knowledge, memory and prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Reading a book can also help improve your imagination and sleep too.

21.) Listen to a podcast.

Just like reading a book, it can also help you learn new things and improve your listening skills. With so many podcasts, I bet you can find one that you can learn about the world and become open-minded.

22.) Listen to music.

Just like meditation, listening to songs can help lower your stress and improves your mental health. Just like reading a book, it can also help you sleep better, especially when you suffer from anxiety.

23.) Eat healthily.

Having good nutrition can help your mood and control your weight.

24.) Smile.

Do it more often, especially to strangers or people you almost always pass by.

25.) Invite a friend.

You can invite a friend over to dinner or lunch. Reconnecting with the people you love can boost your happiness.

26.) Donate your old stuff.

Anything unused and unloved should never be kept. It should be given away. You should let it go. I know it sounds like controlled love life, right? 

27.) Travel at the weekend.

Be open to new places, insights, cultures, and lifestyles. You can be able to make new friends and meet the friendly locals in the place you are currently traveling.

28.) Let go.

You must let go of the little or painful things. In order to be strong and confident in living in your present life, you must let go of the pain and move on in life.

29.) Go for a walk.

Walking saves you more money from going to the gym. It can help lift your mood and creativity. It can help boost your brainpower and lower blood pressure.

30.) Make a happy list.

We love to write down all the things that make us happy. This includes having road trips with friends, lighting candles, setting goals or taking awkward selfies in the streets.


You don’t necessarily need big things to make you happy. If accomplishing some tasks or achieving a new house can really make you happy, then it’s good. Don’t forget to meditate and understand how you were able to achieve the things that made you feel happy.

If you don’t have the means or still trying to achieve the big things in life, you don’t need to feel pressured and stressed. Sometimes you need to take things slow in your life… at least for a moment because you can’t get back the time so always enjoy every minute of it.

However, what is important today is that you must learn how to be happy with what you have right now. Spend time with yourself, loved ones and friends especially if you have time. Try learning new things and improving your hobbies even if you are alone if that what makes you happy.

You must do what you can to make yourself feel happy.

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