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How To Heal Your Broken Heart From A Toxic Relationship

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Want to heal your broken heart from a toxic relationship?

Being with someone and loving someone can sometimes make you feel whole and fulfilled but at some point, relationships don’t last too long. When you feel like your heart has broken multiple times in just a short period of time especially if you have always been involved in toxic relationships, you may feel like you just want to close yourself off from the rest of the world.

Dealing with a toxic person can be quite draining and problematic but having a relationship with one can be even worse especially if you don’t know how to set healthy boundaries within yourself. Healing from a toxic relationship can sometimes be difficult because you really have to question yourself.

When you were in a toxic relationship, you may feel worthless. Most of the time, when you get out of that relationship, you will still feel even more worthless. It feels like your energy has been drained. You may even feel like you don’t know who you are anymore. You just feel lost.

You don’t want others to get involved with your problem because you don’t want to feel as if you are a burden to them. You feel like you just suddenly cry while eating your favorite meal. You just don’t want to feel like you want to go out and have some fun. You feel like your whole world stopped for a while and you just wanted to end the emotional pain once and for all.

Everyone wants to end the pain and heal from their broken hearts. Most people know how to handle heartbreaks and move on quite well. However, there are a few others who do not know how to cope with the pain and might even up doing something reckless like wallowing their feelings, drinking excessively or jumping into relationships easily. Here are eight (8) healthy ways for you to heal your broken heart from a toxic relationship.

How To Heal Your Broken Heart From A Toxic Relationship

1.) Go within.

Healing from toxic relationships can sometimes feel like your world is in chaos especially if you have just gotten out of it. Deep inside, you are left completely broken. Your mind can still be haunted by the trauma. You might even remember the little painful memories. This can sometimes make you feel stuck in the past.

To help you move on and heal from it, you have to go within. It might be difficult because you have to go back to the past. You have to reflect, review and learn from the lessons from the experience so you won’t have to be in the same situation again. If you are in the same situation, you will be able to overcome or even avoid it.

You can do this through meditation or praying in a quiet place. You can even write a journal. It might be painful at first to remember everything but it can definitely help you express your emotions rather than suppress it and bring it into your future only to ruin it. Just let yourself cry when you do meditation, praying or writing a journal.

2.) Transmute the pain into something beautiful.

Leaving from toxic relationships can still make you feel broken on the inside. When you feel broken, you are in pain. Sometimes, it’s hard to let go of emotional pain because we feel overwhelmed. Most of us express our pain through unhealthy habits that may lead to long-term ones like excessive drinking, jumping to casual relationships, or overeating.

To help you move on and release the pain is to transform that pain into something meaningful or beautiful. When you transmute the pain into anything, you are also releasing the pain as well as any unhealed wounds inside your body or unresolved conflicts inside your mind and heart.

You can do this through writing a journal online, painting, singing, composing songs, pottery, sewing or anything that can transform itself into something beautiful. It doesn’t have to be art-related. You just need to transform your pain into anything that you do.

3.) Talk to a friend.

There are times when you feel like you just wanted to avoid your feelings. You don’t ever want to talk or express your feelings out of pain or embarrassment. Or maybe you feel like you are busy with your finances. If you have been carrying this pain for weeks, months or even years, the pain will only build up inside you and may even cause conflict to your relationships whether work, love or family.

To help you move on and heal your broken heart, you have to talk to a friend or to someone you can fully trust. You need to talk to someone who knows how to listen and is never judgmental. By talking to a friend, you can be open to how you feel about the past relationships that you had.

You can also join any support groups to help you release the pain by sharing the painful memories when you were still in those toxic relationships. You can be able to learn from the people in the support group. You can even get to bond with them to build and establish stable connections.

4.) Spend time with your loved ones.

When you had just gotten out of a toxic relationship, you may feel like you just want to be left alone because you don’t want to be hurt or be a burden to anyone. You might even decide to just be flooded with work thinking that the pain would just go away but it only feels like it’s consuming you.

To help you move on and heal from heartbreak, you don’t need to be alone especially when you are healing. You don’t have to cry and be sad all the time. You must experience the joy surrounding you. You have to be surrounded by your loved ones whether with your friends or family. Just let the happiness inside your heart.

Go out and have dinner with them. Have a Sunday picnic with them or at least, spend time with them by watching a movie or TV at home. You don’t need to plan out and think about what you will do for the day. Just spend time and go with the flow with what they are doing.

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5.) Go To A Retreat.

Sometimes the painful memories of the toxic relationships may haunt and leave you feeling stuck in the past. You can only think about the times that you enjoyed being with them and the times when you were hurt by them. It’s hard to really let go of those memories but you have to because the more you hold on to it, the more painful it is.

To help you move on and heal from heartbreak, you need to take time out from work as well as healing too. You can also heal by spending more time with yourself by taking a retreat. You have to take care of yourself and your well-being. It’s time to break free from the past for a while and just relax.

It takes too much energy to look back at the past and learn the lessons. Just give your mind the time to relax from those negative thoughts and past memories. You can surround yourself with nature while doing meditation. You just need to focus and enjoy the present moment.

6.) Forgive.

When in toxic relationships, you get to remember the passive-aggressive moments. You remember the times when you had to argue without even talking to each other. Sometimes you remember the times that your partner can make you feel you are unworthy or unloved. This can lead you into feeling angry which may turn into bitterness. You hold on to these negative emotions that you have a hard time forgiving people.

To help you move on and heal from heartbreak, you have to forgive the people involved in whether relationships whether it’s your partner or third parties. You also need to forgive yourself for the things you have done to them and the things you should have done for yourself.

Forgiveness can help you not only to heal your heart but also replenishes your soul. It helps to make amends and release the past. It helps to relieve and release the pain that you have been carrying around maybe for months or years.

7.) Ask for help. 

Toxic relationships can sometimes damage one’s mental health and well-being. With all the manipulation, gaslighting and mind games, this makes you feel confused which in turn makes you feel crazy even though you are not. You might have even changed into something you do not want to be.

If you have done everything you can to heal yourself from writing a journal to talking to a friend to getting a retreat, you can finally ask for professional help. You may feel embarrassed or worried to ask for a professional but it’s the best way to help you finally heal yourself.

You’re not alone.

You don’t have to hold on to the pain forever. You don’t need to carry the pain to the future as it will only ruin your new relationships to yourself and to other people. You don’t even have to carry the burden alone. You don’t have to be alone to heal yourself. You can always ask for help from others if you feel overwhelmed with negative emotions. You have to face the past and learn from the experience to help you become a better version of yourself.

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