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6 Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Want to get out of your comfort zone? We are all creatures of comfort. It makes us feel safe and secure. However, we all know that too much comfort and security is a curse.

What makes you comfortable can actually ruin you

What makes you comfortable can actually ruin youClick To Tweet

As a well-known author and speaker, Bill Eckstrom said, What makes you comfortable can actually ruin. More young people today are living in a comfortable life such as watching Netflix, eating unhealthy foods as well as spending your paycheck in things that aren’t worth investing for and working in a 9-5 job that you hate.

It does not help us grow to become a better person. It loses our basic human need so much that we no longer at least have some struggles in life. We no longer at least experience suffering or loving someone deeply. Too much comfort can only keep us from achieving our greatest dreams and being at our very best.

Sometimes you must push past your comfort zone to be able to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Here are a few ways to help you get out of your comfort zone:

6 Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

1.) Acknowledge the fear.

One woman I know who recently had a breakup with her boyfriend was having this fear of the unknown. She doesn’t know why she was afraid but she kept ignoring it. Until one night, she heard footsteps on her kitchen and she was paralyzed with fear. She was up all night still feeling terrified until it was morning.

The next day, she went to ask for help from a therapist and she was shocked she had discovered. She was actually afraid of being alone so she asked her nieces or anyone she knows to move in with her since she had been with her partner for years. 

We all have fears in our life. Fear can be one of the greatest dream stealers. It never goes away if you haven’t recognized and acknowledged the fears you have. Find out the origin of your fears and what triggers you through meditation.

We always try to ignore or avoid our fears but the more we run away or hide it can only keep you from doing your best. You can’t even ignore fear because it will always be there when something makes you feel fear. Practice on confronting it one step at a time.

2.) Have hope. Trust yourself.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.Click To Tweet

As one of my favorite blogs called Tiny Buddha mentioned that hope is the antidote of fear.  Besides hope, you must also have faith in yourself. Never doubt yourself in conquering yourself.

Besides having hope, you must always trust yourself. Trust and fear are somewhat related. If you are afraid, you don’t trust yourself that much. However, if you trust yourself, you can always overcome fear and get out of your comfort zone.

When you have social anxiety but you want to talk to the crowd or present yourself in front of the crowd, you must always have faith in yourself that you can overcome the fear and finally have one step ahead away from your comfort zone.

3.) Less control.

Or better yet, you give up on control. Sometimes worrying too much on the things that almost all of us have control over can affect your life. It may also prevent you from getting out of your comfort zone because you keep almost everything in control.

You need to delegate the things people have control over because other people can do it for you. When you run a business but you want to make time to go to the gym to keep your body and mind fit, you can always let other people or a virtual assistant handle the tasks such as promotion on social media, email marketing and much more.

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4.) Make a change.

You can do this by simply changing your routine at least tiny purposeful ways. You can take a new route to go to work or when you go home. You can try cooking a meal at home instead of eating out. You can also invite your loved one at home and spend time with them rather than eating out with friends.

I recently took the courage to reveal myself to the world at least one small step at a time. I’ve done creating videos and recording podcasts because these things can help me push myself to get out of my comfort zone. You don’t have to make a huge step in making a change. You can always do it one step at a time. What matters is that you were able to slowly come out of your comfort zone and try out new things.

5.) Take risks.

When we were kids, we were always playing and doing something fun without worrying about taking risks. Now, when we got older, we tend to hold back because we don’t want to get hurt. However, taking risks doesn’t mean you have to do something dangerous. It doesn’t mean that you must succeed all the time. Taking risks helps you grow as a person.

This means you can try overcoming your shyness by taking confidence or acting classes. You can invest money to help your business grow. You can sign up for language or baking classes. You can also put yourself out there in the dating world to find true love.

6.) Don’t be afraid to fail.

What you need is not to be afraid to fail but learn after you have failed. Accepting failure and learning from failure helps you become a strong and resilient person. You can be able to recover quickly from any difficulties you may face in the present and future.

One way to help you to never be afraid to fail is to build confidence and courage in yourself. Having these two traits, you can be able to overcome your fear and finally get out of your comfort zone.


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However, there are still thousands of us who still in their parent’s basement either watching television and eating all the time or still playing video games. There’s nothing wrong with having these hobbies but too much of these can only miss the days that you could have spent on outdoor sports or with your friends or parents. 

It’s so sad that most people can’t see and get out of their comfort zone because no one was able to reach them. If you have someone or anyone you know who has a difficult time to get out of their comfort life but are willing to live a meaningful life, you have the power and time to help them.

Reach them and ask them out for dinner outside their house and let them see the world again. If you also have a hard time getting out from your shell, you can always find ways such as asking for help, treating yourself with your friends or anything that you want to do in your life.

Never wait to go out of your comfort zone. Don’t let fear hold you back from living your true potential. All your fears, self-doubts, and insecurities are all in your head. Disempower your negative thoughts and beliefs so you can be able to accomplish more than you can possibly imagine.

Start living your life at the end of your comfort zone. 

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