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30 Free and Easy To Do Self-Care Ideas

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Want self-care ideas that are easy to follow?

I can hear you! I also don’t like giving out ideas about taking care of yourself especially when these ideas make you feel overwhelmed. So I created this special 31-day self-care ideas that you can easily follow every single day for thirty (30) or thirty-one (31) days. If you are bad at following and maintaining self-care, this list can help you develop and improve your habits for self-care. 

30 Free and Easy To Do Self-Care Ideas

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Day 1:

Unplug from social media for at least an hour.

This can help improve your mental and emotional health. If you can’t help it, you can always turn it off for at least 30 minutes. If you still can’t help it, try turning it off at least 10 minutes. If in case of emergency, you can lock it inside your drawer.

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Day 2:

Write about the things you love about yourself.

You can write anything that makes your heartbeat in a piece of paper.

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Day 3:

Declutter your closet for at least 10 minutes.

Find out how.

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Day 4:

Do yoga for an hour.

Download one yoga app on your phone and enjoy trying the yoga moves even if you didn’t quite get it. 

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Day 5:

Watch the sunrise.

Get up early and see the sunrise. If you weren’t able to wake up early, get out and feel the sunshine. It’s good for your skin too.

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Day 6:

Watch one latest Netflix movie.

Don’t binge-watch for more than 3 hours. You can watch just one movie from romance to horror to science fiction. 

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Day 7:

Read your favorite book.

Don’t worry about not being able to finish reading the whole book. You can read some parts of the book that you love to read over and over.

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Day 8:

Try walking for at least 10 minutes.

You can go outside and walk around the park or in your neighborhood.

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Day 9:

Say positive affirmations to yourself to help build your self-confidence.

When your mind says “I can’t”, kick it out and replace it with “I can”. 

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Day 10:

Donate your old clothes.

After you have decluttered your closet, you can donate the clothes that are old, torn and unfit to the homeless.

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Day 11:

Eat a cup of ice cream.

You can choose any ice cream flavors and enjoy the time eating it. Don’t just shove inside your mouth quickly. You can also try eating a gelato.

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Day 12:

Watch the stars at night.

Spend time stargazing in your balcony by yourself or with your loved ones.

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Day 13:

Take a power nap.

Try sleeping for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

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Day 14:

Free your email inbox.

Spend at least an hour to delete old email messages in your inbox.

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Day 15:

Cook your own meal.

You can try out these simple 5-ingredient meals that you can cook through a slow cooker.

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Day 16:

Write a love letter to yourself.

Describe how you love not just your traits and accomplishments in life but also your physical appearance. Do you think you aren’t beautiful? Think again!

Remember that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

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Day 17:

Drink your favorite coffee or frappe.

Sip and enjoy your day!

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Day 18:

Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day.

You can do a candle meditation. You can also download a meditation app where you can just sit down in your chair and listen to the audio.

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Day 19:

Lie down while listening to your favorite songs.

Make sure you have your playlist ready before lying down.

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Day 20:

Meetup with a friend.

Or anyone from your family or a relative.

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Day 21:

Watch motivational videos from YouTube.

Limit yourself to watching at least two or three short videos to help you feel motivated throughout the day.

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Day 22:

Throw out every trash you have from your house.

Clean up your house by getting rid of anything that you don’t need inside your house. 

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Day 23:

Sing your heart out in the shower.

Or you can turn up the song and sing along while you are doing your household chores or going to work.

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Day 24:

Exercise for at least 30 minutes.

Maybe 10 or 20 minutes? Time to sweat it out!

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Day 25:

Start writing a journal.

Invest just one journal and write one page a day.

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Day 26:

Bake cupcakes and give out to your friends and neighbors.

It’s best to bake a “ready to bake” cupcakes especially if you are new to baking so you won’t feel stressed out and worry about the taste. 

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Day 27:

Clean up your room.

Time to tidy up your room. This can also help lower your anxiety and have better sleep.

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Day 28:

Watch a classic film.

Try the old movie Carrie or Poltergeist.

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Day 29:

Hang out with your loved ones for one whole day.

If you are single and alone, you can hang out with your friends or pet your dog.

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Day 30:

Take a home spa.

Find out how.

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Day 31:

Get a massage.

Why not? You deserve it!

I hope you find this 30-day list of self-care ideas very helpful. If you weren’t able to follow the ideas for each day, don’t give up and just keep going! If you have any simple self-care idea(s) that you want to share with me and others, let them know about it by leaving a comment below. 

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