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8 Tips On How to Decorate Your First Apartment

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Do you want to know how you can decorate your first apartment?

Small spaces are part of life if you live in a small apartment or just one or two small rooms in your house. The great thing about small living is that it often means that you live a more efficient and less expensive life. But do not worry, living small does not mean that your design options are limited. Careful planning and planning will help you get what you need and what you want from your small apartment, giving you the space you need to live your life to the fullest.

As you walk through this guide, you’ll find tips and tricks for specific rooms. But remember that most ideas can work in all types of rooms; It all depends on what works best in your unique space.

8 Principles and Practices To Help You Decorate Your First Apartment

Before you start choosing furniture and hanging objects, you need to consider some basics and practices when designing your small apartment or small room. This brief set of basic guidelines will give you a good starting point to make your little space beautiful and functional.

1.) Evaluate your lifestyle

Take stock of how your living space caters to you every day to determine how you need your space to function. If you think about the purpose of each room, you can design your most important and functional furniture and decoration. Think about the time you spend at home and what you need to do or store there. For example, you will need a dedicated workspace, whether you work from home, a room for your bike if you wish, or an extendable table if you enjoy entertaining.

It may be helpful to keep a list of your essential items with their estimated measures. So when you compare measurements with the actual plan, you’ll easily see where you need to create multifunctional furniture or be more creative in your space.

2.) Design by personality

Living small does not mean you have to live minimally. Your style and personality can always be your guide when planning your small apartment. Getting started can be as simple as choosing paint colors that reflect your personal style.

If you need a little style, think about what motivates you in your everyday life. If you are an avid thrift store, take a look at the modern mid-century decor and Shabby Chic. if you still dream of the beach, bring Coastal decor for home; and if your desire to wanderlust is never satisfied, take advantage of Boho Chicdecor’s ideas.

3.) Reduce and Declutter

The reality of a small space is that you do not have the luxury of hanging things that you do not use regularly. That said, downsizing does not always mean living minimally. If you plan well, you will have plenty of space to publish works of art or other items with special meaning.

Declutter and downsizing can be a huge task, but if you have a small apartment, time and effort will be worth it. To get started, collect all similar items in one area, like all your clothes or kitchen gadgets. When researching your things, get rid of duplicates items that you have not used in the past six months. For more personal and decorative items, keep only the ones you love.

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4.) Be creative

When you begin to plan your small space, you may find that you do not have enough space for your personal tasks. It’s time to be creative. Make the most of your space by using the often-overlooked corners and crannies in your favor. For example, behind each door, there is a dead space begging jacket hooks, a door organizer or a series of floating shelves.

Other space-saving ideas include folding and stretched tables and chairs, wheelchair furniture for more maneuverability, and versatile furniture such as a pull-out bed or a hinged ottoman.

That’s not where the creative story ends, especially since your specific needs and living space are unique. By bringing creativity to your solutions, keep in mind that you will always need easy access to everything you use regularly. Be sure to focus on storage solutions particularly suited to your space.

5.) Think vertically

When decorating your small apartment or room, your mantra is “thinking vertically.” With limited space, your walls are a real estate asset that can be used for more than just art. It involves placing objects that would normally occupy valuable space, such as televisions, lighting, sports equipment, and floating shelves. In addition, using tall furniture or enjoying the full height of your walls straightens the look and gives the illusion of a larger room.

A classic way to enlarge your small apartment is to hang your curtains up to the ceiling and leave them hanging on the floor. This leverages the full height of your wall, giving the windows and living room a better look while adding a dramatic touch to your design.

6.) Use light and mirrors

Lighting is the key to giving the impression that any small space is larger. Good lighting visually opens the space and gives the environment a feeling of freshness and air. There are three basic light sources: natural light, artificial light and reflected light.

To take full advantage of natural light in your small room, make sure that when the window treatments are open they will not block any part of the window. Roman shades or curtains that you can push sideways are your best choice.

When it comes to artificial light, your new Think Vertical mantra comes on the scene. Instead of using bulbs that occupy a valuable place on the table and on the floor, suspended lighting. Use hangers, washers or even a set of curtains to brighten the dark corners of your small rooms.

Mirrors have a double effect in small rooms. Both will reflect the light in the room and the reflection will add an illusion of depth. If you can hang a mirror in front of a window, do it! You’ll bring even more light and depth with the added benefit of bringing in some indoor environments.

7.) Rethink Color

Professional interior designers seem divided as to the colors and paint schemes that work best in a small space, but they agree on two things.

  • There are no completely white rooms. Totally white space does not bring visual depth to the environment and can give the impression of being clinical.
  • Essentially, everything is allowed as long as you like colors and are part of a consistent pattern.

That said, traditional thinking about small spaces suggests keeping your walls clear enough while painting the ceiling a darker color to add an illusion of height. Similarly, painting a wall with a daring outline color can give an illusion of depth. It is a proven option, but it is not your only choice of color.

If you want to stick with the classics or add a little more excitement to your little room, keep in mind the effect and feel you want in your space. The light and cool colors will give you an airy feel; Rich and warm colors give you a feeling of comfort, and bright and vibrant colors add drama.

8.) Create a visual separation

This may seem counter-intuitive, but treating your small space as space is not always your best option. Creating small areas dedicated to restoration, work, and downtime can give your space a more structured meaning and help you keep your days structured and meaningful.

There are many ways to visually divide your space. You can use a rug to create a subtle space separation, a large shelf or a retractable curtain to physically separate your space, or you can land somewhere between a small library or old screen.

As a young woman, it is important to have an idea of the decoration of your first apartment. With the above tips, you can get an idea of the decor of your living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom.

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