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How To Declutter Your Clothes Closet

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Do your clothes keep falling on the floor when you open your clothes closet?

As a young woman, you can’t blame yourself for wanting to shop so you can enjoy creating beautiful outfits. You may want to keep clothes from 1992 that you think you might need to wear it someday. You may have decided to keep a few clothes because you spent good money on it.

However, having too many clothes in your disorganized closet can lead to some problems in your life. You may come to work late because you have to find the right clothes. It costs you more money because you found yourself buying the same item that you did not need to. It also makes you feel tired and stressed.

It is harder to focus and make decisions on your own. If you find it difficult to let go of your clothes that you don’t even wear and even love, you must know that it’s just taking up more space in your closet. It’s time to move past them by decluttering your closet. 

In the beginning, you might feel overwhelmed that you can never do anything about your chaotic closet. The idea of decluttering your closet is pulled off from your mind once your closet door is closed but when you open your closet to dress yourself up again, the idea starts to push to your mind again.

However, you don’t need to feel this way. If your closet is packed and you are ready to put your clothes away, you can follow these 5 steps that you can easily follow to help declutter your closet.

How To Declutter Your Clothes Closet

Step #1: Prepare.

Make some room to set up your full-length mirror, and get into your bathrobe. Put on some music that motivates you to change clothes so you can get your decluttering tasks done. Add the right lights and put on some music that helps you finish your tasks. Now start pulling all your clothes in your closet!

Step #2: Create separate piles.

As you start picking up all of your things, set up at least two boxes or bins. Use these boxes or bins as your piles to help separate the clothes you must toss and clothes you must keep.

Step #3: Time to sort

If you do not have the time to sort things, you can always take a good look by holding each item up and ask yourself a few of these questions.

“Does it still fit?”
“Can I still repair this?”
“When do I need this? For parties or business events?”

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, keep the garment by placing it in the right place or box where you keep your clothes.

If you find it difficult to decide, you can then try your clothes and shoes together. When keeping clothes, garments, shoes, and accessories, you need to set a list, rules or even criteria on your own. Those rules are created so you can separate the best from the rest.


Here are simple rules you can use to decide which ones should be kept:

1.) things that have no stains or mends

2.) clothes that flatter your figure

3.) shoes and clothes should fit well and feel comfortable

4.) clothes that you really love to wear

Tip to increase your closet storage:
After you have sorted the clothes to keep and toss out, it’s time to sort your clothes into categories. Then count the number of items in each category and write everything down.

Here are a few ideas for your category list:









Work-out Clothes




Step #4: Toss or sell your clothes and shoes.

How long are you going to keep clothes that no longer fit you? They waste space. It does not really boost your self-esteem. In some point in time, you may experience weight loss or gain. Just to save money from buying another set of clothes on your current size, you can keep a few clothes of different sizes.

Stop hurting your feet! Give away shoes that no longer fit your feet or shoes that you never wore for the last two to three years. You can keep a few shoes for certain events or parties.

Here are simple rules you can use to decide which ones should toss:

1.) Shoes and clothes that do not fit

2.) Shoes that are itchy, too tight and hurts your feet.

3.) Stockings that are stained or torn.

4.) Clothes that fails to bring you confidence

5.) Clothes that do not flatter your figure

6.) Clothes you have not worn in years

Step #5: Give out clothes.

If you find tossing clothes as a waste of resources, you can give out clothes to a good cause. It’s time to get rid of any outfit that you never wear or any things that you don’t feel good anymore by placing it on another box besides the box you want your clothes to be kept or tossed. Homeless men and women or maybe anyone who has fallen on hard times desperately needs not just a helping hand but also good shoes and warm clothes.

What if I don’t have the time?

You don’t need to declutter your clothes in just one day. You can spend decluttering your closet every week for at least 15 to 20 minutes or you can do it at least 5 to 10 minutes every day by placing the boxes on the side. Place the items on one box to where you keep your clothes and toss the clothes on the other boxes where you will want to either donate or toss away. 

What if I just need a bigger closet?

If you take a look at any magazines, you will find beautiful images of custom closets that mostly have multiple rods, shelves, dividers, bins, and baskets. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a professional closet system. What I have shared with you are a few inexpensive steps to get yourself practical storage.


It’s a common struggle for many of us to toss or donate our clothes because not only, we feel guilty about wasting money on it but we also believe clothes can hold memories. Sometimes you have to let go – because clothes do not have feelings. However, memories are always with us.  It’s time to clear out the clothes from your closet that are no longer of use to you and live your life.

Your turn! What is holding you back from getting rid of your clothes? If you have followed the steps, what were the struggles in decluttering your closet? 

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