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5 Reasons Why Crying Makes You A Stronger Person

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Why crying makes you a stronger person?

We all have seen prank videos from YouTube about frat guys or masculine men pretending to cry in public just to see how people would react towards them. Most people would try to comfort them. Others would laugh at them. Few would only wonder in surprise. Very few would never seem to care.

With the world we are living in, most people are quick to judge other people through their actions because they don’t know the whole truth. When they see someone crying specifically a strong or well-built man, they would quickly judge this man as someone who is weak. When they see a woman crying, they would judge her as a drama queen or a highly emotional woman.

Some people may empathize with them however the majority of us would then rush into their social media profiles and leave harsh comments about him. They would laugh at them for crying in public. They never really cared about how they really feel because of they ignorant of their own feelings. 

Most people are unwilling to accept that crying is part of our emotions and sometimes – it’s okay to cry.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Crying Makes You A Stronger Person

Crying can actually make you a strong person. Want to know how it can help you become a stronger person?

1.) You release tension and stress.

It takes a strong person to let go of the pain. It takes courage to release all the hurtful emotions from the inside. It takes more courage to acknowledge and recognize that the pain is there and they have to face it than to even run away from it.

It would allow you to think more clearly on how you can resolve your problems or issues in life. You have to release any emotions you have held for days, weeks or even years.

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2.) You are in touch with your emotions.

It takes a strong person to show their real emotions. It doesn’t mean that one should be emotionally out of control. It’s still better to express how you feel, even if you feel like crying. It takes even more courage to often let go of the control of their emotions and feelings.

You have to be open and unafraid of showing your emotions. You must show your vulnerable side. You have to be honest with yourself about how you are feeling. It’s even better this way because it will also allow you to be honest with how you feel for someone else.

3.) You don’t care about what other people think about you.

A strong person is willing to feel the pain while others spend their whole lives running away from their emotions. They would just do anything to make them feel tough by holding it in so people won’t get the wrong impression about them.

A strong person would allow their feelings especially when it comes to crying. They would rather cry than to express their feelings in a more dangerous way such as drinking excessively in a bar and picking up fights.

4.) You know it’s good for your health.

According to Lifehack, crying is therapeutic and has its healing properties. Besides relieving the stress and tension, it also helps release the toxins and helps improve your vision because it prevents dehydration. It can also kill bacteria and remove other harmful toxins in your body.

The tears help people who suffer from depression because crying makes it feel better for them. It can help release the intense feelings of deep sadness or loneliness inside them.

5.) You are inviting and allowing others to express how they feel.

It takes a strong person to show other people that they can also cry either in private or public and never give a care about other people’s opinions about them. When they see someone cry, they may be moved into tears or feel anything that makes them show their vulnerable side. 

It takes a strong person to help others show how much they care for themselves and other people too. They will start to slowly discover and learn to open up about themselves. They will be able to show and learn that there is such a thing called compassion in their hearts.


Crying isn’t just about sadness. It’s also about happiness. You move to tears when you see your baby girl growing up and marrying the man she loves and you know you trust. You move to tears when you see your newborn baby. You cry with tears of joy when you see your aging parents after being away for more than 5 years. 

Crying can help become a stronger person. It can help you open up how you feel about your loved ones in front of them. It only makes them feel that you really cared for them too than to show a cold and controlling side of you.

It can help you unstuck in your life because you are able to confront your own feelings. With crying, you can allow yourself to grow and move forward into a better future.

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