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Are you someone who’s passionate about finding yourself and living in a healthy lifestyle?

We are always on the lookout for personal growth, health, wellness, fitness, living and self-care writers who can share their own well-written insights, opinions, and well-researched content.

If you have tips, guides, steps, methods, apps, services or ways that you think would benefit our readers and must be shared with them, then you can submit a pitch or write for us.


What Will You Get When You Write For Us?

We might be new but we strive hard to publish original posts from freelance and guest writers. We promote everything – blog posts to all of our social media platforms and email list every single day.

1.) Your content featured on a site with over _______ unique organic visitors monthly.

2.) You have your own author bio and image.

3.) Allows 1 website and 2 social links with your author bio.

4.) Your blog post will be shared on all our social media platforms. 

5.) Your blog post will be shared to our email list of _____  active subscribers.

6.) Helps build your credibility and gains satisfaction in helping our readers.

Do you want to get your blog post accepted and published? Follow these guidelines to help you write your content.

Here Are The Guidelines:

  • The post must be written in English.
  • The post can be conversational but must be simplified. You can always add a story to help entertain the readers.
  • The post must be original.
  • The post must have a title.
  • The post must have 1200 to 2500 words.
  • Add links to credible sources / resources if needed.
  • Please proofread your post.
  • Submit post in plain text, HTML or google Docs format.
  • Images should be in JPG format.
  • Provide your 1-2 sentence bio with 1 website and 2 social links.



Your blog post will be reviewed carefully before we publish it on our blog. This takes us at least 7-14 days to check and prepare everything. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation message two to three days before the published date. However, if it was rejected, we can’t be able to provide feedback to your post. You may submit the revised article again after 14 days. 

Note: As much as possible, avoid submitting articles in any form that is related to or promotes any religion, sex, movement or politics. We are currently building another site which allows those types of content. Thank you for understanding!

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