For the Eleanor Journal, Living the best life means striving to be your best self and living up to the potential because I believe that life is short and anyone should not need to wait to feel fulfilled.

You do whatever it takes to live without regrets.
You can live a simple, happy and meaningful life today not later or tomorrow.

Eleanor W.

Hi there! I'm Eleanor.

I am the full-time EIC and publisher behind The Eleanor Journal. I am a Filipino business management graduate, former career interview coach, former independent news writer and certified ESL & Business English coach. 

I know what it feels like to be where you are.

I used to be that woman who is just trying to get by – working hard without any purpose in life. 
I used to be one of those women who is trying to get there – focusing on my future goals like getting a promotion, owning a house, car, having children or looking for a husband without feeling any happiness or satisfaction.
I used to be that woman who constantly feels pressured whenever my schedule is tight because I choose to be busy at work instead of taking the time to relax.

I worked as an independent news writer for almost 6 years on the side while working in a corporate company until I suffered an extreme burnout to the point that I can never go outside my house. The company had let me go and my clinical depression worsen. As the months go by, I battle depression and social anxiety by myself with the power of self-care.

I slowly overcome my depression and social anxiety and found myself working as a full-time freelance career interview coach. On my free time, I read books about personal growth, blogging, productivity, self-care, and wellness. Most of my female clients who I taught to learn how to answer their job interview questions have always asked for my advice in improving their life and career because they would see me as their older sibling or friend. I used my knowledge to help them live their best lives.

That was how The Eleanor Journal was born.

Why I Started...

I started The Eleanor Journal because I want to inspire young women to live their best lives.

It breaks my heart when women of today instead of enjoying every minute of their lives, they would try to…

…take control of their lives
…try to become perfect
…chasing empty or lost dreams
…finding themselves in the wrong places and…
…doing either simple or important things that still make them feel unhappy at the end of the day or throughout their lives.  

The Eleanor Journal provides articles and stories that promote happiness as well as healthy habits, life skills, and character strengths such as perseverance, understanding, kindness, patience, humility, etc. that anyone can develop and improve so they can start living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

If there is one thing I want my readers to know is that you can always improve, challenge and find yourself without losing or leaving everything – your friends, family, job or business behind.

I built The Eleanor Journal to make a difference to young women by helping them to become the person they could possibly be not just for themselves but also for others. 

Staff & Contributors

We are a small team of people from different cultures and backgrounds currently living in Africa and Asian countries with a 6-year background of writing local & international news turned into lifestyle writers.

We write anything about lifestyle, food, travel, wellness, culture, dating, relationships and more that can help our audience live their best lives. 

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We sometimes use pen names...

All of the stories in The Eleanor Journal are written, proofread and formatted by real people. Most of the times, we publish posts under pen names to protect the personal life and connections of the writers especially when their posts talked more about sensitive or intimate details.  

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