We believe that...

Living your best life does not require a lot of money,
you just need to make simple changes with a little desire and motivation.

There is no right or best ways that you can follow to live your life.
You must try out new things and create an experience for yourself.

Striving to be happy and healthy does not have to be a task or goal,
it is a way of living.

Living well is never a race or destination,
it is simply a journey.

Is this you?

You work harder than anyone else but you feel that there is something missing in your life. You tried to get there just like everybody else but the more you focus on your future goals, you end up feeling depressed. 

You think that it is impossible to live your best life today. Now you are stuck somewhere in your life.

That’s why The Eleanor Journal was built.

About The Eleanor Journal

The Eleanor Journal is the personal growth, finance, and lifestyle blog for young people to help them become the best version of themselves. We also help them manage their finances, give direction in their career and live their best lives.

But... Is this journal for you?

If you want to improve and challenge yourself…
If you want to live a life of purpose, this journal is for you.

The Eleanor Journal provides simple solutions, guides, tips & stories inspiring you to live your best life. This blog can also help you if you want to…

  • be smarter with your money
  • define & nurture your relationships
  • have solid faith (confidence) in yourself - abilities & skills
  • live a longer life
  • find & maintain the right balance
  • look younger and feel better
  • relieve stress & anxiety

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