I believe that...

You don’t have to live your life for someone else. 
Only YOU can create the life you want.

Is this you?

You wake up from your bed feeling empty in your life. You go on your way just like everybody else. You go to work, eat lunch, spend time with people close to you and go back home. 

You feel happy throughout the day but when you come home, you still feel like you are still missing something. You might also feel like your life is empty and meaningless.

Whatever you feel, you know that you want to be who you really are and you know that there is something that you really want to do in your life. 

About The Eleanor Journal

The Eleanor Journal is a personal blog focused mostly on personal growth, finance, and meaningful lifestyle blog for young people to help them live the life they want & become the best version of themselves.

This Journal also helps them manage their finances, give direction in their career and live their best lives. 

About Me

I am Eleanor, founder of WorkJane & The Eleanor Journal. I am an online content creator and educator who guides and helps you to discover yourself, cultivate a positive mindset and change yourself for the better so you can create and live the life you want.

I am a flood survivor, mental health advocate, aspiring poet & storyteller and lifelong learner. I’m currently a blogger behind The Eleanor Journal. I am very passionate in learning and implementing personal development as well as mental health that I had read books for almost over 300 or more books from psychology to self-development in the last 6 years. 

I’d like to welcome you to my personal blog where I write articles and stories mostly related to personal development, self-help and mental health. I will be sharing bits of mine and other people’s personal experiences and struggles in life so you can be able to overcome whatever you are currently suffering right now and avoid these kinds of situations to create the life you want.

If there are a few things that I’d like you to know about me is that I’d like to learn from self-development and self-help experts and open to opinions because it’s one way for me to learn. I’m also a private and kind person that has been through a lot. You may not be able to see me that much but that’s because I want to be heard too. I want you to hear my story and how I was able to push through a few hardships in life so you can do it too.

I’m currently learning and writing about spiritual growth. I feel like there is a change in me. I feel like I need to.

I know how it feels like to be where you are.

I used to be that person who is just trying to get by – working hard without any purpose in life.

I used to be one of those people who are trying to get there – focusing on my future goals like getting a promotion, owning a house, car, having children or looking for a husband without feeling any happiness or satisfaction.

I used to be that person who constantly feels pressured whenever my schedule is tight because I choose to be busy at work instead of taking time to relax.

A lot has happened to me before – both good & bad. I will be sharing some parts of my life in my soon-to-be podcast and YouTube videos.

For the last 6 years, I had two jobs because I was supporting my mom while renovating our home after the flood destroyed it until I suffered an extreme burnout to the point that I can never go outside my house.

The company had let me go and my clinical depression worsen. As the months go by, I battle depression and social anxiety by myself with the power of self-care and self-improvement. I slowly overcome my depression and anxiety. I found myself working as a full-time freelance career interview and ESL coach while working on the side on another one.

On my free time, I read books about personal growth, blogging, productivity, self-care, self-help and wellness. Most of my female clients who I taught about how to speak English & win job interviews have always asked for my advice in improving their life and career.

I am not perfect. I’m currently fixing my life but I love helping other people because it’s in my passion to help and guide people. With my experience in life & knowledge that I had gained, I used my knowledge to help them find a meaningful life. 

That was how The Eleanor Journal was born.

Why I Started...

I started The Eleanor Journal because I want to inspire people to create and live the life they want.

It breaks my heart my when people today instead of enjoy every minute or even do the things they want to do with their lives, they would either do these three things:

1.) take control of their lives
2.) try to become perfect
3.) being afraid of failing or doing something
4.) chasing empty or lost dreams
5.) finding themselves in the wrong places
6.) attracting the wrong people all the time
7.) doing the things they feel unhappy at the end of the day (such as working for the job and more.)

It would even break my heart even more if they just woke up one day and realize that they should have done the things they want to do. The whole point that I built this blog is that…

I don’t want you to feel regret in your life. 

I write, create and share my life experiences, stories and any content that promote self-development and self-help. I personally love and implement different methods from personal development experts. 

If there is one thing that I want my readers to know is that you can always improve, challenge and find yourself without losing or leaving everything – your friends, family, job or business behind. 

My personal mission is to help, guide, and inspire you to become a better person and live the life you want.

Is TEJ for you?

If you want to improve and challenge yourself…
If you want to live a life of purpose, this journal is for you.

The Eleanor Journal provides simple solutions, guides, tips & stories inspiring you to create the life of your dreams. This blog can also help you if you want to…

  • be smarter with your money
  • define & nurture your relationships
  • have solid faith (confidence) in yourself - abilities & skills
  • live a longer life
  • find & maintain the right balance
  • look younger and feel better
  • relieve stress & anxiety

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