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Time To Change Your Life Today With These 99 Inspiring Questions

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Do you sometimes feel empty? Do you feel unfulfilled in living your life but you don’t know what to do about it? Do you find yourself choosing and loving the wrong person over and over? Do you keep hanging out with the wrong people in your life?

If you find it hard to break the same pattern and want to create something new in your life but you don’t know what to do about it. It’s time to take a break and evaluate yourself by asking questions about yourself. These 99 questions help you evaluate your life so you can improve and strengthen the relationship with yourself, friends, family and your significant other even to others. 

Time To Change Your Life Today With These 99 Inspiring Questions

To Myself

1.) Am I who I say I really am?
2.) Am I inspired?
3.) Am I happy with my life right now?
4.) Am I confident with my skills?
5.) Am I good at least one field of my life?
6.) Am I aligned with my feelings?
7.) Am I a better person today than yesterday?
8.) Am I loving myself more today?
9.) Am I living the life of my dreams today?
10.) Am I achieving my personal goals this month? How about this year?
11.) Am I grateful for the things I did in the past? How about this year?
12.) Am I still afraid of my own fears?
13.) Am I living the life of the fullest right now?
14.) Am I making my life more meaningful?
15.) Am I still living in the past? Present or future?
16.) Am I ready to let go of my past?
17.) Am I ready to achieve my goals?
18.) Am I achieving my professional or business goals this month? How about this year?
19.) Am I gaining the right habits?
20.) Am I practicing healthy habits in my life?
21.) Am I enjoying my life today?
22.) Am I getting more of what I want in life?
23.) Am I getting the things I need for today? For this month?
24.) Am I enjoying what I am reading today?
25.) Am I living a meaningful life today?
26.) Am I an introvert? Or an extrovert?
27.) Am I believer in true love?
28.) Am I content with life right now?
29.) Am I proud of what I have right now?
30.) Am I ashamed of my past?
31.) Am I determined to do something meaningful in my life?
32.) Am I lifting myself up on my own?
33.) Am I true to myself?
34.) Am I trying something new today?
35.) Am I excited with my life right now?
36.) Am I learning from my mistakes the hard way?
37.) Am I doing the things I do today that I wasn’t able to do last year?
38.) Am I aware of my weaknesses?
39.) Am I aware of my strengths?
40.) Am I holding onto anything that makes me feel down?
41.) Am I trying to achieve the things that make me feel impossible to attain?
42.) Am I living to work or work to live?
43.) Am I owning my things? Or are my things owning me?
44.) Am I my own worst enemy?
45.) Am I dealing with my loneliness and depression the right way?
46.) Am I right to lose my old memories?
47.) Am I able to make new memories?
48.) Am I living in a place where I want to be right now?
49.) Am I looking for peace in the right place?
50.) Am I making my life easier for me?
51.) Am I physically, emotionally and mentally healthy?
52.) Am I dreaming big enough for my future?
53.) Am I treating myself with love and respect that I truly and deeply deserve?
54.) Am I doing the things that I love to do?
55.) Am I taking the next big step in my life right now?
56.) Am I motivating myself enough to be the best?
57.) Am I worried about my future?
58.) Am living a better life for tomorrow?

About The Things Around Me

59.) Am I grateful to the people around me?
Am I grateful for my parents? How about my family?
61.) Am I kind to other people? How about my family?
62.) Am I honest with others? How about myself?
63.) Am I proud with the company I keep?
64.) Am I proud of my friends?
65.) Am I making new friends?
66.) Am I being treated fairly by the people around me? If not, why?
67.) Am I inspired by the people who I treat as my heroes or inspirations?
68.) Am I loved enough by the people around me?
69.) Am I leading a good example to people who are younger than me?
70.) Am I hanging out with the right people?
71.) Am I surrounded by people that add value to my life?
72.) Am I spending quality time with the right friends?
73.) Am I ready to trust anyone in my life?
74.) Am I in the right place to look for worthy friends?
75.) Am I in the right place?
76.) Am I the authentic me or myself whenever I hang out with my friends?
77.) Am I happy with my friends?
78.) Am I enjoying my own company?
79.) Am I a better person with my friends?
80.) Am I influenced in a good way by my friends?
81.) Am I right to stay away from my good friends?
82.) Am I right to stay away from toxic people?
83.) Am I adding value to those around me?

About Your Significant Other

84.) Am I with the right man or woman today?
85.) Am I with my authentic self when I am with him or her?
86.) Am I right in choosing them? Why?
87.) Am I doing anything to hurt him or her?
88.) Am I doing anything that I can make them feel loved?
89.) Am I honest to him or her?
90.) Am I kind to him or her?
91.) Am I loving him or her as much as I love myself?
92.) Am I loving myself more than loving the other significant other?
93.) Am I being valued for my worth?
94.) Am I being accepted by him/her for who I am?
95.) Am I loved back by the person that I dearly love the most?
96.) Am I afraid of letting others close to me?
97.) Am I spending my time and love with the right person?
98.) Am I giving them the attention that I want to give?
99.) Am I ready to spend more time with them starting today?

These are some of the questions that can help you get started with examining your life and inspire yourself to be the best person that you could possibly be. We, The Eleanor Journal hope you enjoy this simple list of inspiring questions. If you have any questions you would like to add, you can always leave your comment below. 

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