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7 Common Signs You Are In The Wrong Crowd

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Want to figure out if you have one or all of these common signs you are in the wrong crowd?

They say choose your friends wisely but it’s hard to find true friends these days. It’s also difficult to make friends, especially when you are an adult. This is true for those who just moved out from their hometown to different cities for employment or a new start.

Creating a sense of belongingness is a part of our needs as a human being. It is something that we all desire because this helps us see the value in our life. This helps us to be more open with others when in times of intense grief or in depression. We just love to connect with one or two people just so our loneliness can be less painful for us.

Most people find their sense of belonging in churches, friends, family or online in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We find ourselves in different crowds just so we can have that sense of belonging. However, some of us find ourselves in the wrong crowd.

We will never know how we end up in the wrong crowd. It could be out of loneliness, influence, by chance, destiny or maybe we are in the wrong direction in life. However, most of these wrong crowds can be toxic for you. They could negatively affect your health and relationships with your family.

When you are in the wrong crowd, you are doing the things you wouldn’t normally do in your everyday life like excessive drinking, lying or smoking even putting your goals on hold for them and feeling stressed out after meeting with them.

If you feel that you are in one, here are other 7 common signs that can help confirm that you are hanging out with the wrong people.

7 Common Signs You Are In The Wrong Crowd

1.) They make you feel ugly.

True friends embrace everything about you from your looks to personality to your whole life. They may not always agree with you all the time but they never steal your glow and suck your life. They always see the positive in you. They would look past your flaws and accept your quicks.

However, if you ever feel awkward and unattractive around them or if you find yourself trying to do everything to change your whole look and personality, chances are you are in the wrong crowd.

2.) They are not supportive.

True friends won’t feel jealous when you achieve something great or exciting in your life, be it your dreams or goals in life. They would always celebrate your accomplishments with you. They would stick with you whether you fail or succeed in achieving your goals.

They don’t support who you really are or what you are trying to do. Try sharing your dreams, goals, and aspirations and if they respond with laughter or disbelief leaving you feeling discouraged, you are in the wrong crowd.

3.) They only respect you as you follow them.

True friends don’t bash each other by spreading gossip or lies. They respect you enough not to tarnish your reputation. They would always protect you from hurting yourself and be hurt by other people. If they have problems with you, they would rather confront you and have a rational discussion with you. They also respect you if you pursue new friendships, goals or dreams.

If you find yourself needing to ask permission from them to make friends with someone else and if you feel like they only respect you when you conform to their ideas on life and living, chances you are in the wrong crowd.

4.) They completely drain you.

True friends make you feel positive, rejuvenated and excited almost every time you hang out with them. True friends pay attention to how you feel when you meet or go out with them for lunch or dinner. They would make you feel good about yourself especially when you feel sad.

If you feel sad and dead each time you hang out with them or if you find them thriving on your negativity, you are in the wrong crowd.

5.) They don’t believe you.

True friends will lift up your strength and spirits to the heavens. They would encourage you to become who you really are or what you want to be. They would listen and be open to your ideas and plans. They know that you have what it takes to become the very best that you can be.

Being surrounded by people who devalue your skills and abilities. Being surrounded by people who never take the time to notice your strengths and gifts. Being surrounded by people who never even encourage anyone including you in their life. You are in the wrong crowd!

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6.) They just don’t care about you.

True friends will see right through your pain even if you won’t tell them straight in their face. They are open to listen to your problems and provide advice to you. They will always help you make the right choices in your life and become a better person together with them.

If you feel like you feel insecure, down or depressed and you have no one there with you even if you have phoned them many times but they can’t be reached or they would give out excuses for not being there with you, you are in the wrong crowd.

7.) They are not there when you need them.

True friends will always be there for you. True friends will see right through your pain even if you won’t tell them straight in their face. They will stay and comfort you. You will be able to see their real personalities when they will be there for you through good and bad times.

If you find yourself being all alone without someone holding your hand and even through the toughest times of your life, chances are you are in the wrong crowd.


If you have at least one or all of these signs, you are definitely in the wrong crowd. If you are in the wrong crowd, it’s time to slowly cut them loose and start finding the crowd that is right for you. It may be difficult for you to find one these days but what is the point in fitting yourself in a crowd that won’t help, encourage or even support you.

You can’t sacrifice yourself specifically your health and relationships for the people who will never appreciate you for who you are or even just being there with them. You can tell them honestly about how you feel when you are with them and try to work things out. However, if it’s still the same, you need to walk away from them.

If it were me, I’d rather be alone for now and find the right people in my life. Then build and maintain strong relationships with them. Have you been in the wrong crowd lately? If you did, what is your experience hanging out with them?

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