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5 Ways To Overcome Sadness

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How do you overcome sadness?

There are a lot of things that make us feel sad. It could be our job, family situations, love or the environment we are currently in. Living in this world, we can get caught up with all the drama, chaos and conflict from the news or even from our family. 

Besides that, we also encounter experiences such as rejection, cheating or bullying. These experiences can make us feel sad and may even lead to depression. How do you overcome sadness? 

I remember the first time that I felt extreme sadness in my life. I lost someone I energetically connected with through the heart chakra. Although I did not feel the same way with them anymore, I still feel sad. I still feel pure sadness. It felt like I was walking around going to work with an empty hole inside my chest.  And as the days go by, the empty hole in my chest was becoming bigger.

And as the hole became bigger, the sadder I felt until it consumed me. I felt numb for a while then eventually, it broke me down. I started to cry while eating breakfast. I started to feel unmotivated to pursue my passions in life. I didn’t have the energy to move forward in life.

If you feel this way, you must always remember that you are not alone. If you want to let go of sadness, here are five simple ways that you can follow starting today before it consumes you.

5 Ways To Overcome Sadness

1.) Express your sadness.

We sometimes hesitate to express our sadness to other people out of fear, especially the fear of judgment. Most of the time, we don’t take the time to express our sadness to ourselves because we don’t want to feel weak. We go by our day and focus on the daily tasks while holding or neglecting these sad emotions until it will create a dark cloud on our heart and may slowly lead to depression and anxiety.

To be able to let go of sadness, you have to express your sadness by writing your emotions through a journal. One effective way for you to express your sadness is to share how you feel to a friend or a loved one. However, the most effective way to release your sadness through crying.

2.) Get new hobbies.

We feel sad because we tend to think and dwell on the situations or events that had made us feel that way. This is because we don’t do much in the present moment but think about the same thing over and over. Every single day, we walk around and we feel that the sadness creeping inside in our hearts and minds. Wherever we go, from work to home, we still bring that sadness inside us. 

Instead of feeling sad all the time, you can get new hobbies such as painting, drawing, animation, or anything that make you feel satisfied and content. You can develop and improve skills that make you feel excited to wake up each day. These could be skills such as public speaking, cooking or baking.  

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3.) Be compassionate towards yourself.

When we feel sad, we sometimes feel pity for ourselves. Most of the time, we beat ourselves up. We tend to blame ourselves, especially when you had just broken up or someone did something bad to you. Instead of beating yourself up, you can always practice self-compassion. You must be gentle and kind to yourself. You are not alone in struggling and suffering from sadness. 

4.) Know and value your worth.

We feel sad because sometimes we feel like we are not content with ourselves. We don’t accept ourselves for who we are or the way we are. When we feel sad, we tend to feel worthless. When we feel sad, we sometimes neglect ourselves. We feel like we don’t want to make an effort to take better care of ourselves.

When you feel worthless, you bring down your confidence. You don’t know how you want others to treat you in the way you want to be treated. You can’t see yourself being successful in life. You can’t be who you want to be in life. To let go of sadness, you must love yourself. By loving yourself, you must be comfortable with yourself – physical qualities, traits, and skills. You must feel good with everything that you do, you make and you represent yourself.

5.) Practice positive self-talk.

When we feel sad, we tend to have these negative views of ourselves. When we feel sad, we have this negative outlook on life. When we feel sad, we sometimes feel hopeless and give up before we even try to do something.  To get rid of these negative thoughts, you must recognize the negative thoughts first and then change into something positive. You can also surround yourself with people who support you and makes you feel positive about yourself and your life.

What I’ve Learned

When all else fails or even if you still think these five (5) simple ways above are not enough, you can always ask for professional help. You should never be ashamed or feel afraid when you ask for help because you are not alone in feeling sadness. Everyone can feel sad but not all of us know how to cope with sadness. If you feel like you can’t handle the sadness within you, you must reach out for help before the sadness consumes you.  

We are the ones who are allowing ourselves to feel sad. We are the only ones who can control our emotions. We can choose to feel happy or remain sad all the time. Although it’s quite difficult to let it go at first, you don’t have to speed up the process. 

Again, we can choose to feel happy or remain sad but ask yourself this question, what would it be like if you choose to be happy? If you choose to be happy, you can start to see and have a positive outlook on life. But it’s up to you if you want to feel sad but the world will still keep on moving forward. 

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