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4 Easy Ways To Treat Dandruff

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Have you ever went to a hair salon and the hairstylist starts combing your hair and all your dandruff comes out? When she gathers all of your dandruff in one place, it looks like a pile of cocaine.

If you do have dandruff, you are not alone. You might be wondering why you still have dandruff when you already used dandruff shampoo. There are other reasons why you still have dandruff and no — it’s not because you have dryness.

According to EverydayHealth, dandruff is not caused by dryness. It’s because you have too much oiliness in your scalp. Other reasons besides that could be emotional stress, infrequent hair washing, unhealthy diet or overuse of hair products.

Nowadays, we try to maintain our hair by ourselves with the lack of knowledge on how we should really take care of our hair. From highlights to chemical perms to blow drying to hair strengthening and the list goes on. Sometimes what is good for your hair does not necessarily mean it is good for your hair.

Having an unhealthy scalp can affect the quality of new hairs growing on your head. Most of the times, it will lead to shedding, hair breakage and even chronic scalp irritation due to under washing and overuse of hair styling products. It’s time to ditch certain habits and taking on a new certain routine that can help you grow and maintain your hair full, shiny, strong and healthy. One important way you can do that is by giving yourself a hair detox.

When you detox your scalp, you can remove dandruff and stimulate hair growth. Here are four simple ways to help you do a simple and stress-free hair regimen.

4 Easy Ways To Treat Dandruff

Step #1: Keep your scalp clean

To keep your hair scalp healthy and clean, you must treat it the way you would do on your face. You must start washing your hair more often so that the oils and dead skin cells a few times a week at a minimum so it won’t build up on your hair scalp. You must also make sure that you do not leave any hair product substances left on your hair scalp.

To keep your scalp clean, make sure you clean the scalp only. Do not include the hair as shampoo dries out the hair. Massage your scalp gently for at least 5 minutes in place. It’s best that you use a special shampoo that contains zinc or sulfur.

Step #2: Exfoliate

Remove dead skin cells from the scalp to help your hair grow. If you feel you have stubborn sticky, oily or product substances buildup on your scalp, try exfoliating your scalp at least once or twice a month.

One simple way to exfoliate your scalp is to use a brush with rubber tips. You can use it to massage the scalp with the bristles of the brush to loosen the dead skin which is stubbornly stuck on your scalp. Once you feel that you all the dead skin in your scalp is loosened then you can step into the shower and shampoo all the way.

Step #3: Hydrate your scalp

The way you treat your scalp should be the same with your face. If you put moisturizer on your face, you might as well put at least an elixir on your scalp at least once or twice a week. By rehydrating your scalp with any elixir or hair oil, your scalp will not only help with dry scalp and dandruff but also help prevent dead ends, seals in moisture and shine.

Step #4: Sunscreen

Protect your hair from UV rays by using sunscreen spray to prevent hair loss and skin cancer. You must consider using at least a powdered sunscreen on areas where the scalp is exposed to especially if you are on a pool or beach. You can also try this sunblock and spray it lightly on your hair scalp.

Bonus tip: Eat a lot of protein

According to WebMD, consuming a well-balanced diet every day is one of the main secrets to having great hair. Foods rich in protein such as fish, chicken, eggs, soy, and beans are essential for having healthy hair.

These protein-rich foods when included in your diet helps the body produce keratin. When you have low keratin, your hair strands can lead to hair breakage. We all know that eating a healthy, well-rounded diet can be very difficult but eventually growing healthy hair can really pay off. You must also be patient.

Final Point

Having healthy hair enhances your personality so is your appearance which is why it is important to have proper hair care. Try out this simple scalp detox tips at least once or twice a week. Remember to treat your hair right and you’ll be remembered by most people having healthy hair.

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