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25 Things To Let Go Of Right Now

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Do you have something on you that you want to let go of right now but you have no idea on what is really holding you back? Sometimes you need to let go of the things that can only slow and pull you down in your present life.

You have to be willing to work on changing your mindset. You must believe in yourself that you can be a better version of yourself. You must begin working towards the better version of today. There is never the right time to think about improving yourself and become better.

Do it today! Here are 25 things you must let go of right now in order for you to live life in the present moment. 


1.) Let go of the pain or suffering.

All of us have been hurt. From the day you were born until today, we all experience any type of emotional pain. We sometimes feel like we want to go to a bar and drink until we passed out. Few would go to the distance and let it all out with one-night stands.

How to let go:  As much as you can, express your pain in a healthy way by venting to a friend or writing everything you feel in a journal.

2.) Let go of the anger/frustration.

Someone ghosted you right after they lead you on? Lose something important to you like your wallet? This can make you feel worried and stressed. This may even lead you into depression if you aren’t able to manage your frustration or worse, it may turn into a violent rage.

How to let go:  Always take control of your mind and focus on the things that you think must be accomplished within the day. These things should be easier for you to accomplish. Whenever you feel angry, control it by breathing or meditating for at least 5 minutes.

3.) Let go of perfection.

I was a perfectionist. I’ve always wanted things to be perfect but lately, I learned how to just let go and accept that there are things that are created or built with imperfection.

How to let go: No one is perfect. Whether if it’s your family, relationships, job, looks, body or social life even to yourself, you must remember that you don’t need to make all or each of these aspects in life perfect. Instead, accept, love and value yourself more than striving to be perfect.

4.) Let go of insecurities.

Whether you are on a relationship or still single, stop reading between the lines and don’t create problems.

How to let go: Accept yourself for who you are and what you are. It’s time to start loving yourself by taking better care of your body or use affirmations for self-love.

5.) Let go of guilt.

Have you ever done something so bad that made you feel guilty about it? We experience guilt in our lives whether we never did anything wrong or you feel you didn’t do enough. 

How to let go: You must accept that you feel guilty and learn why you feel guilty then you must ask yourself if you really need to feel guilty about it. If you did something wrong, ask for forgiveness. If you didn’t, you can express how you feel about it with a friend or anyone close to you.

6.) Let go of toxic people.

And toxic relationships. Toxic people love to control people like you and me. They like to blame, use and manipulate us. As much as possible, cut your ties with them. They will only hurt you in the end.

How to let go: Walking from toxic people and relationships is never easy but it takes courage to do it. You can always choose to stay but if you feel like you are too controlled, it’s time to ditch and move on.

7.) Let go of validation.

Don’t seek validation from other people because it will only make you feel needy. There are some people who give unwise decision or advice in your life.

How to let go: The only person that can give you validation is yourself. Try using these affirmations to help boost your confidence.

8.) Let go of unreachable goals.

Any unrealistic or unreachable goals can only lead you to failure. This will make you feel overwhelmed because there are too many goals. 

How to let go: Create a SMART plan to help you with making attainable and realistic goals. Always decide your goals whether they’d be current, long-term or short-term.

9.) Let go of the balance.

Many people are obsessed with balance. They don’t usually leave room for any mistakes and you can’t get work done too.

How to let go: You can decide if you want to choose balance. Don’t feel overstressed on not being able to accomplish a few goals.

10.) Let go of comfort.

Are you too comfortable in your life? Do you feel like you are meant to do something but you feel afraid? You feel like you need new challenges and experiences in your life.

How to let go: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. You don’t change into something you want to be if you are comfortable. It’s time to take some risks and challenges in your life like baking a cake, enjoying a sport, travel the world or simply take online language classes.

11.) Let go of shyness.

Ever feel nervous whenever you are in public or social situations? You feel uncomfortable with yourself but there’s more to that, you tend to see yourself negatively or you are “super” conscious of yourself.

How to let go: Don’t think about yourself. Don’t think about what other people think about you. Think about other people and what you can do for the day.

12.) Let go of comparison.

Do you always feel like you are not good enough like those beautiful women on Instagram? Do you always criticize other people especially if they are too good-looking than you?

You feel like comparing yourself to other people either through physical appearance, material possessions, personal life, romantic relationships or career.

How to let go: Life is never a competition. Always need to strive to improve yourself. If you feel the need to criticize someone, always choose to encourage that person and you will even gain one more friend who can help you on your way to improve yourself.

13.) Let go of control.

Always remember that controlling people are the most insecure people on the planet. I tend to be a victim of these controlling people because you can’t clearly see how they control them especially if you were in a relationship with them.

How to let go: If you are the type of person who is controlling, it’s time to live in the present by writing what you are afraid of and how you can deal with it. You can also use positive affirmations which can be very helpful for you to let go of any control in your life.

14.) Let go of negativity.

There are times when your mind is sliding into negativity and it surrounds you with dark emotions. It only makes you feel more stressed and affects your judgment and decisions you make in your life.

How to let go: If you ever have negative thoughts on your mind, have an inner conversation with yourself by either kicking it out immediately or replacing it with positive thoughts. You can also acknowledge and accept those thoughts but don’t dwell on it for too long and just release all the negative thoughts.

15.) Let go of failures/disappointments.

If you have a hard time moving on from failure or disappointment, you aren’t alone. Failing on something makes us feel like we are weak or unworthy of a prize.

How to let go: Learn from your failures. Move forward because failures are just temporary. Don’t let it bring you down. Keep going on the path that you want to take.

16.) Let go of clutter.

A cluttered life and home create chaos and confusion. It will also likely to affect your work and home productivity.

How to let go: Know which ones to keep and which ones to throw away. You can sell or donate other stuff that you don’t need. Always organize your stuff at least 10 minutes a day in just one area of your house.

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17.) Let go of sadness/grief.

We always experience sadness at some point in our lives. We may also begin to see if you are not good enough for other people. You may also have lost someone close to you. You may even begin to harm your body by not eating well or doing the things you used to love to do. This may even turn into a major depression.

How to let go: Always embrace happiness by throwing any negativity away from your mind. You can do that by starting to write a journal. You must be kind to yourself.

18.) Let go of procrastination.

We always find a way to make excuses or have these second thoughts that prevent us from achieving our important tasks-on-hand.  This can only lead us to be unproductive.

How to let go: Create systems or rules to help you accomplish your tasks. You can also create deadlines or ask someone to help remind you of finishing your tasks.

19.) Let go of unhealthy competition.

Having a healthy competition can help you boost your drive and motivation but too much competition especially at work where you have to win at all costs even if you make bad decisions, choices or worse, diminishing other people in the process.

How to let go: Don’t be too serious about the competition. Enjoy the challenges but stay focused on the end. Don’t let it lead you to resentment especially if you can’t win over the competition.

20.) Let go of judgment.

We are always judging whether to ourselves or towards other people because we have always thought that the best things, actions or solutions they should are not going exactly the way we want them to go through.

How to let go: Don’t judge yourself or other people because it only means you are punishing yourself. Turn your judgments into appreciation or gratitude especially if you feel like you aren’t good enough when comparing yourself to other people.

21.) Let go of pleasing.

Pleasing other people can only mean you feel the need to make other people happy just to avoid arguments or confrontation. This can only make other people lose their respect for you.

How to let go: Stand up on your own and practice saying “No” to other people even to yourself. You may feel some kind of guilt but it will pass and it will make people start to give you a new level of respect for you.

22.) Let go of unhealthy habits.

If you ate too much junk food, slept for only 4 hours a day or watching too much tv, then it’s time for you cut out of these unhealthy habits. These habits can only harm your body in the long run.

How to let go: Start planning your future by following these healthy habits today. Always strive to improve yourself better by choosing to have healthy lifestyle changes.

23.) Let go of worrying/anxiety.

Worrying can be a giant waste of your time. You constantly worry about the things that you can’t even control.

How to let go: Write all of your worries in a piece of paper or a notebook. Exercise at least 15 minutes to make your mind active. You can always find someone to help you with. Try out the DIY spa at home today.

24.) Let go of the past.

We always have hurtful memories of the past. Most of the times, our past haunts us but we shouldn’t let it affect our present lives. It can only disrupt your present self, relationships and career.

How to let go: Let go of the past and live in the present moment. You can express your pain by writing a journal or share it with someone close to you. Forgive the people who have hurt you and move forward with your life.

25.) Let go of fear.

Fear blocks us from doing the things we need to do and love to do. This makes you feel stressed or frightened every day.

How to let go: Identify your fears and learn how you can overcome these fears. Take small steps to let go of your fears.


While most of these things are difficult to let go, you must also understand that it really takes time for you to move forward if you deal with each one of these. Don’t lose hope and be patient in letting go of these things.

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