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17 Simple Ways To Raise Your Vibrations

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Want to raise your vibrations?

I have something to confess.

I am new to spiritual growth. I have never delved into anything that can enrich my soul until I was wide awake. I felt like someone or something took off a blindfold out of eyes. After it was taken off from me, I saw how beautiful and interesting life is.

For the first time, I feel so grateful that I was able to live in this world despite the suffering that I had endured for so many years. I never knew anything about spiritual awakening until I heard that you need to raise your vibration because the process was difficult for me to handle.

Why raise our vibrations?

I’ve written about how powerful positive affirmations can be. Your thoughts with feelings or emotions can create reality. Our minds can do this especially when you practice positive affirmations. Your thoughts and feelings can create this reality more when both your mind and body are on a higher vibration level.

According to RaiseYourVibrationToday, it is extremely important to direct your consciousness to a high vibration frequency. When both your thoughts and feelings are on a high vibration level, you can be able to manifest it into reality.

However the problem in today’s world, we are surrounded by people and technology that could lower our vibrations so I came up or rather tried ways to help raise my vibrations. 


1.) Massage.

After a long week of work, getting a massage can help reduce your stress, pain and muscle tension. You’ll enjoy having a massage because it sometimes gives you the feelings of caring, comfort, and connection with yourself that you have been longing for a while.

2.) Eat organic vegetables.

I am not a fan of eating vegetables but I am practicing my palate in eating a combination of meat and vegetables. Nowadays, whenever I eat meat, I feel that my body is slowing down. I also notice that I am eating less meat however when I eat broccoli, I tend to feel energized for the whole day.

3.) Meditate.

As much as possible, meditate for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day at work. You can try meditation apps such as Calm and Headspace which are great for helping you gain calmness and balance within you.

3.) Surround yourself with nature.

Sometimes you need to change your environment to help you relieve stress from the current environment you are in to be it home or office.  Walking around anywhere near or inside nature can help raise your vibrations. If you can’t be able to go out, you can sit outside your house and look at the trees. Take the time to breathe.

4.) Practice gratitude.

Gratitude can help lower stress, anxiety, and depression which in turn would raise your vibration. It’s time to appreciate life as it is. It’s time to appreciate the things and people surrounding you. It’s time to live in the moment so start spending more time with your loved ones.  Practice this twice a day.

5.) Watch funny episodes.

Laughter is the best medicine. Vibration tends to rise higher and faster when you watch any movies or TV episodes that could make you laugh your socks off and fall off your seat. Laughter can immediately elevate your mood because it lowers your stress levels.

6.) Walk around.

I love walking around anywhere in my house or neighborhood to help boost my creativity. I also feel like when I walk around near nature, I feel reconnected with nature too. I don’t have much time in jogging so I walk around to help me move because as they say when you move more, the higher your vibration will become.

7.) Listen to songs.

Listen to any songs that you love. I am a romantic person so I always listen to romantic songs preferably 80’s songs because it makes me feel happy. Listening to romantic or positive songs uplifts my soul. However, you can always listen to songs that make you dance as long as you feel happy and joyful as this can help raise your vibrations.  Just stay away from songs that are related to any negativity as it will lower your vibrations and create negative thoughts.

8.) Drink water.

Drinking water can help you flush all the toxins out from your body as toxins can greatly impact your vibrations in a negative way. It can also help gain clarity and keeps you energized. It can help you focus on your work.

9.) Practice kindness.

You don’t need to donate huge amounts of money to charity when you aren’t even rich. You just need to practice kindness in the smallest and simplest ways as possible. This could be opening a door for someone in need, donating old clothes to the homeless or send a thank you card for someone who has helped you before.

When you practice kindness, just don’t expect anything in return. This can help raise your vibration in a positive way as when you are being kind to yourself or to anyone, it makes you feel positively fulfilled on the inside.

10.) Declutter

Staying in a messy environment can literally lower your vibrations. It cannot help you focus on what you need to do. You need to organize your stuff and throw unimportant stuff so your mind will stay happy, calm and focused thus raises your vibrations.

11.) Say positive affirmations.

Your thoughts with feelings can create reality. Positive affirmations can help raise your vibrations especially when you repeat these words to yourself every morning as you will be filled with love, respect and positive. 

12.) Write a journal.

Whether you feel positive or negative emotions, writing a journal is one of the best ways to help you vent out how you feel for what happened either in the past or present. Bottling your emotions particularly negative ones can keep your energy at a low vibrational level. 

When you write a journal every day, you can release all the emotions and increase your vibrations. When you do, you won’t have any problems with manifesting what you truly desire.

13.) Aromatherapy.

Essential oils can help reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression. It can help you sleep and at the same time, gives you energy. I always use aromatherapy candles because it creates a nice feel and soothing atmosphere. When I sniff these essential oils, particularly lavender scent, I feel like the stress and toxins would come out of my body. Though I felt dizzy at first, this had helped me feel relaxed and fall asleep at night in the long run.

14.) Steer clear of any negativity.

You must either stay away or interact less with people who give off negative vibes in your daily life, be it your friends or family. You must also avoid watching news, politics or any negative shows that would lower your vibrational energy.

15.) Do a DIY bath.

Having a DIY spa at home can help get rid of toxins, lower your blood pressure and reduce your anxiety, stress, and depression. It can also help improve your posture and circulation blood. Anything that can help you feel relaxed and free will definitely raise your vibrations.

16.) Take a vacay.

Whether you want to take a mental, physical or spiritual vacay, we all know this beats everything above if you are into vacations. Not only will you create new memories by yourself or with yourself in a new or the same place, but you can always feel refreshed.

By taking a vacay, you are escaping your reality and explore the aromas of various relaxing destinations outside the comfort of your home. You are able to get out of a repetition of daily routine that burdens your body. You just need to list down the things that you need to do to help you raise your vibrations. 


Today, I went back to my beginning level of energy because I had to learn some lessons again. When you are in a spiritual awakening or just trying to manifest your thoughts into reality, you can always practice raising your vibration level. These are just some of the ways to help you raise your vibration. Do you have other ways to help raise vibration? Share it in the comments section below.

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