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13 Ways To Open and Heal Your Heart Chakra

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Want to open and heal your heart chakra?

If you had recently been energetically disconnected from someone who you don’t know even know through the heart chakra, your heart chakra will be in pain. When your heart chakra is in pain, you will have a hard time raising your vibration. Before you raise your vibration, you have to heal your heart chakra first because you will always feel the pain when you try raising your vibrations especially when you listen to Solfeggio frequencies.  

How It Feels Like To Have Your Heart Chakra Blocked Or Broken

When your heart chakra is blocked or broken, you will experience sadness and hopeless about love. You will feel disappointed in general, life or love. You will feel scared that you will end up being and feeling alone in the world. 

You can not feel others’ warmth and love towards you. You can’t connect with other people. You will feel like you don’t want to give your trust to other people. You tend to cut off ties with other people. You feel like you want to isolate yourself from other people. You just don’t feel the love inside you. 

From my experience…

Throughout my awakening journey, I had two awakenings that made me highly awake. I was into this whole new spiritual level then I guess I did something wrong along the way that I had to go through some tough lessons again. 

The experience had made my heart chakra severely broken. I had a hard time raising my vibrations so I was back to the beginning level. I was trying to resist the changes that the universe made me go through. I felt so disappointed at myself, others and the universe but I had to stay strong and compassionate for myself and others as well as God because I know the experience is for my personal growth.

I just didn’t want to feel like I was abandoned. I do not want to be left behind. I do not want to be cheated and lied but I have to keep my mind open. I had to stop overthinking and feeling stressed over this awakening process. I just wanted to go back to the spiritual journey but I think I may need to lose emotional baggage to gain a higher perspective.

I just miss being in the spiritual journey but I think I had lost the privileges so I had no choice but to take a new route because I believe the universe is protecting and guiding me to where I needed to be. Even though it was painful, I had to take a new direction in life but I was still lost.

I was left with a heart chakra broken and in pain so I had to take up ways to help heal my heart chakra. I was back to square one and had to go through the life lessons. If you are like me, you can always heal your heart chakra through these ten (10) ways.

10 Ways To Heal Your Heart Chakra

1.) Watch Funny TV or Movie Episodes.

Laughter can be the best medicine, especially when it comes to unblocking your heart chakra. When your heart chakra is blocked or in pain, you will feel sadness in your life. You will feel uninspired or unmotivated to do the things you want to do. A better way to help you uplift your heart is to watch movies or shows that make you laugh.

2.) Listen To Heart Chakra Healing Songs.

This is highly effective for those who are on their awakening or spiritual journey who wants to unblock and heal their heart chakra. Listening to these songs for at least an hour while sipping on your green tea and sitting on a bench will help you release the blocked emotions and pain from the heart.

3.) Take a Vacation.

Everyone needs a vacay especially for those who are heartbroken and broken heart chakra. You don’t need to take a long trip but you need to go outside and enjoy the places around you. You need to have fun and enjoy yourself to slowly open and heal the heart chakra. If possible, find a place like a park, forest or a garden with lots of green colors.

4.) Write a Journal.

One effective way to heal your heart chakra is to express your emotions through writing a journal. You write everything that had happened from your childhood to adulthood. You can write how you felt throughout the day so you can release the pain inside your heart chakra.

5.) Get a Heart Chakra Healing Crystal.

Healing crystals can help balance and stimulate your chakras. There are chakras that can help heal your chakras but depends on your frequency so make sure you are able to identify it. You can purchase and own a rose quartz pendant, jade or green tourmaline. These crystals can help open, heal, stabilize your emotional stability.

6.) Eat Green Leafy Vegetables.

It is important for you to eat vegetables when you are on a spiritual or awakening journey as it can also help raise your vibrations. I am not a vegetarian but I tried broccoli which had made me feel balanced and it helped raise my own vibrations. 

7.) Rest.

Seriously, you need to take a rest, especially if you have a broken heart chakra. Don’t force yourself to work or do anything if your heart chakra is aching. You need to eat healthily, take proper sleep and rest for a couple of days. You can also listen to the heart chakra healing songs to it helps restore and heal your heart chakra.

8.) Feed Heart Chakra with Affirmations.

The heart chakra is all about joy, compassion, forgiveness, and love.  I was skeptical at first but during my awakening journey, it had really helped me heal my heart chakra as it released. Saying affirmations can sometimes be processed in your subconscious mind which can then help heal your heart chakra.

9.) Socialize.

Your heart chakra is blocked or broken if you feel alone in life or at work. You don’t have to go to bars and party all night. Start going out in social events especially for business and socialize with other people. Invite your friends or loved ones over for dinner at least once a week or twice a month.

10.) Listen To Songs That Help Uplift Your Heart Chakra.

Besides the healing heart chakra songs, you can also listen to modern or classical songs that can heal your heart chakra. It can also make you feel inspired and motivated to sing and dance. Most of the words of the song can be processed on your subconscious mind to heal your heart chakra. 

11.) Practice Self-Love.

The heart chakra represents love. Loving yourself is important when you want to open and heal your heart chakra. Start valuing yourself by setting healthy boundaries between you and other people. You must be confident in who you are and the way you are. You must be comfortable in your own skin.

12.) Practice Gratitude.

Gratitude can help open and flow the love to your heart chakra. Start appreciating at least three (3) things in your life every single day. Start appreciating the good things no matter how small or big it is that is surrounding in your life. You also have to start appreciating your current journey especially the setbacks as it helped you grow and evolve into a better version of yourself.

13.) Forgive.

This might be the hardest part but you really have to forgive not only to other people but also for yourself. You have to forgive yourself by letting go of your past hurts and mistakes. You have to forgive others by letting go of your hate, regrets, resentment or vengeance as this can only make your heart chakra in pain.

Be Love.

I learned that if you want to open and heal your heart chakra, you have to be the love. You must also know that you are love. You must know that you are loved no matter what. If you have resentment or hate towards yourself or other people, you have to forgive yourself and others not just for them but for yourself. It is one way to attain peace and balance within yourself that you deserve in your life.


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